Looking for a Partner for a Fantasy Rp

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  1. Hey! I have only recently gotten back into roleplaying. My old site was gone when i went back though, so I decided to start anew here.

    Anyhoo, I was wanting to do a fantasy romance rp. It can be modern or medieval and in between. I tend to not do well in future settings. I am also open to some fandoms. I will only do MxF as its just more comfortable for me. I would prefer to play a girl, but i guess I can play the guy.

    Note I am looking for it to be romance, not just smut, though that will be there. In anycase, thanks in advance!
  2. I'm really interested! I'm a big fan of fantasy things. :P
  3. Cool! Do you want a modern fantasy, or more of a dragons sort of thing.
  4. Something Harry Potter-ish sounds nice, if you watch that?
  5. cool. So do you want like it to be actual harry potter
  6. I don't like playing as a character from something, I create my own. But it would be hogwarts and everything.
  7. yeah, that's what I meant. Alright, so do you want to make a cs or figure out each others characters as we go along?
  8. Mmm.. I'd like to figure out characters as we go along, eh?
  9. alright. Should we start at the train, or the Sorting ceremony. Course we wont be first years... That would be uber wrong
  10. Hahaha, yes of course. *Adjusts glasses* We shall start at the train! On on first post, how about we post our character's appearances? Oh, and do you mind starting it?
  11. Nope don't mind starting, and i assume you do not mind anime pictures correct?
  12. Oh.. *Adjusts glasses once more* I don't mind at all~

    Okay, I'll stop now. xD
  13. *Adjusts glasses* Oh really now...
  14. *Glares and adjusts glasses harder* >.>
  15. K sorry. I found a picture. Hope you don't mind me character being a Metamorphagus. If you do then do not hesitate to say so
  16. Eh, that sounds fine.
  17. I hate titles... Any ideas?
  18. Mmm.. Hogwarts would be a simple name. *Shrugs*
  19. I was thinking that. Alright. I will get the first post up asap
  20. Alrighty then. *Adjusts glasses* Heh.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.