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  1. Hello, it is as the grand title states. I will be using my character Ulfric and his pup (Daughter).

    The plot...

    His daughter has just turned 12, her elven powers are awakening and Ulfric being a ranger and warrior, knows little to nothing about Elven magic or rituals. And so he sets out with his daughter to find an elven tribe or settlement with sufficient knowledge to teach his half mer daughter their ways and customs.


    Elves despise humans, and look down strongly on half breeds as well. Most find the notion of mixing immortal blood with mortal blood as counter productive to their proud race and their evolution. As such you are encouraged and expected to find the notion appalling, if not down right insulting. If not your character, then at least those around us. Just a heads up.

    The plot isn't designed for "Romance" but if things should develop that way then we can head down that path.

    It's just a simple story of a single father, trying his best to raise his daughter in a dog eat dog world, without forcing her to walk down the same, dreary and morbid path of his past.
  2. I'm actually interested in this concept, just wondering if you have an idea on the development of the story already, or are you open to ideas to stretch the plot line deeper? I believe I'll have the time to work out a few charries for this. Let me know. :)
  3. Okay, it took long enough... :D

    I've been hit at work with a butt load of project orders that seem to never end. But, I was able to get my OP written. For some reason, I tend to struggle with OPs, having to dig deep to understand everything about my charries and the scene I'm placing them always bothers me...

    Meh, anywho, I fought through all of these conflicts to get this RP started. It's not the best, and definitely not everything I've imagined this OP to be, but as always, when I finally start in an RP and get my charries situated, all will get better. Thanks for your patience.

    I will post the thread, then return here to post the thread for it. BRB!

    Edit: Wondering what we should call this RP... I'm placing our names in the title box for now, but at title is definitely a must!
  4. My Template

    Her name is Shai'ahn Dysrae'il. She's about 212 in Elven years - looks about around 24 human years of age with long auburn hair & golden eyes. She is considered to be a Quessian Priestess within the Elven village of Giyyora of the country of Celvan'li, a land known for its ironwood, their strong blood-connection to the kingdom of Ssagonot, and the high concentrations of magic surrounding them due to the many Elvenkin that have settled in the area.

    Shai' is preparing to travel to Sedi'lar in the next few months to complete her training as a Quessian and to test to become the Quessian Regent of her district. She will be just another precious stone to the Dysrae'il bloodline for many strong Quessi have come from it. Of course, certain new developments in the village will alter these plans.

    If her people knew the secret she held about her bloodline, they would think differently about her worth entirely. Shai'ahn is no ordinary Elven. She is a Halfling, born from an Elven father (Eneas Dystae'il - an Aervennorian Elven noble from the West), and a Taav'ri - Birdkin. Her mother was a Cyboney Taav'ri, a spirit fowl that is considered to be nothing more than a mythical creature only seen by those not searching. (This gives her a very unique ability that she keeps well hidden. Perhaps, Tayliah might be the first to learn of it.)
    She can alter into a bird form. As a Cyboney, she has the gift of luck.

    When her mother vanished from her life, Shai's father took his daughter clear across the lands to find a new life for them. Her mixed blood was shunted by his own people, so to remove themselves from those who know them was better than trying to raise a child among them. He knew a few merchants and dignitaries from Celvan'li and decided to travel there and resettle. Giyyora was the perfect place for them and they were accepted without delay.

    This is the reason why Shai' accepts management of your charries while they're in the village. She knows how it feels to be pushed away due to her birth. Although she must behave as if she's not accepting of their place there, as a young Priestess of the village training to one day take the Regent position there, to remain neutral in such situations and assist all who are in need is proper of her.

    The Elves of Giyyora are not a hateful group, they don't mind assisting others in need regardless of who they are, but they do tend to shun those who have stepped over the lines of their laws and doctrines - the mixing of blood is considered a forbidden act and is not tolerated. Nevertheless, they also have the idea that teaching a Halfling to honor their Elven side and disown the traits and characteristics of their other half can possibly eliminate those certain negative traits from their system - making them more Elven in general; enough to, at least, blend into the lower class of an Elven society - never any higher than that.

    With Shai', they are unaware of her bloodline and consider her a Pure blood - reason why she was accepted to train to become a Priestess. If her secret is revealed, it can have a negative impact on the village; yet, it can also open their eyes to their ignorance and see that they are powerless against what the fate allows. If we go with the whole special ritual thing, then a lot of their beliefs will be tested - for better or for worse...

    Now, the other charries are simple, and mostly just ideas that I'm throwing out there for NPC's or whatnot. They might be used, and they might now be... They'll be there, just in case. I'll have to finish with their list, but here are their names and such:

    High Regent Lyth'bel - Shai's Quessi Instructor.

    Eneas Dystae'il - Shai's Father

    Sugrea Inzonai-Dystae'il - Shai's Step-Mother

    Aislin Eulanlia - Shai's Quessi friend

    Hael Esew - A young admirer of Shai'ahn's - her little shadow. Daughter of a high artisan of Giyyora.

    Tanis Aminsu -

    Ebrithil Alastriona -

    Beleg Cuthalian - Sindarin Elf from Sedi'lar, "Strongbow of Giyyora".
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