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  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for taking a little peek at my humble partner search. I’ve been RPing for many years (in groups and in 1x1’s) and I must confess that this is my first Partner Search/1x1 interest Check. I’ve answered quite a few in my time though. I’ve had some delightful tales result from such answering, some of them even coming to an actual end! Until now I have never actually made my own, so bear with me if I give too much or too little information.

    I have no plots as of this time, largely because I like to work that out with my partner. What I typically like to do is to find someone who may mesh with me in regards to taste/posting style and speed and then hash things out plot-wise. So I’ll list a few things I like, my expectations/hopes etc. and if it looks like something you might align with, let me know and we’ll proceed.

    I am female and I prefer to play females as my mains. I do use side characters and will move the world/plot as needed. But I prefer to have a main character as my focus. I am by no means a passive partner.

    I am a sucker for romance, but I don’t ever force it. My characters are Hetero. I will do mature scenes as needed. I enjoy them and like to think I am good at them but I never like for them to be the point of the RP. I like an 80 plot/20 smut ratio give or take. I am just as happy with a well written fade to black as I am a fully described scene. Frustration is so much fun to play so expect fun interruptions when it may add to the plot.

    As for Genres I like most. I adore fantasy (preferring low to high) and Modern fantasy or modern with supernatural is just scrumptious. I do horror and adventure and I am fond of various historical settings as long as painful attention to detail is not the rule. I like getting the ambiance right, not the picky details.

    I avoid Anime and Anime inspired RPs. They don’t suit me and the ones I’ve been dragged into (“Oh you don’t have to like the anime to get this”) were disasters. Sci-Fi makes me nervous, I get all worked up about the details and worry about getting it wrong. I have been in several that have been wonderful, but I got around it by playing luddites. That only works so many times.

    I would place myself around Adept posting level by the guides here. I am not a grammar nazi by any means and I understand that typos happen. In my posts I really like to play with thoughts and memories and impressions of the characters/scenes. I try not to engage in outright fluff and my descriptions try to be poetic and pertinent without delving into purple prose. So expect a few paragraphs from me, all scaled to what is needed at the time. Heavy interaction will result in fewer words but scene setting will get more. I’ll say what everyone says, “Quality over Quantity”. I want a partner, meaning I don’t want to be moving all the plot and I don’t want to simply watch someone’s story unfold.

    I work, am in school full time and have a small bit of a life. But RPing is how I have my fun so you can count on me sticking around, even when busy. I’m fond of getting to know my partners at least enough to work out some lovely stories. I never press and pry.

    At this point I will probably post every 1-3 days sometimes faster, sometimes slower, it all depends. I do not do well when posts are 5 or more days apart on a regular basis, so if you are a slow poster I am not the partner for you.

    This seems like a enough rambling for now, if you made it this long, thank you. If you made it this long and think we might make beautiful story together drop me a line, either here or via PM. I look forward to writing with you.
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  2. Oh I feel like I'm in the same boat when it comes to a partner search. Having abandoned my own search thread weeks ago.

    Feel free to hit me back if you're still around and interested. I'm sure we can work out a wonderful plot.
  3. Hey there Windsong,
    thanks for the inquiry. I'm in conversation with two people about RPing just now so I'm putting this thread on hold. I'll let you know if I have an opening free up if you like, I don't want to presume. I am trying to find the perfect balance, a delicate endeavor. Thanks again and good luck.
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  4. I'll bump this since I've got a little more time on my hands than I'd like. I think I can eek in one more RP. I'm still pretty open about plots, I'm mostly just looking for someone I can make lovely RP with. I've got two amazing partners here on this so far, let's see if I'm lucky a third time.

    Edit: Do poke around my threads if you like, see if you like my writing and all. Also admire my partner's writing while you are there.
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  5. Hello Adelaide, I have heard from your friend and look forward to hashing things out with her. She spoke kindly of you and shared the link to your thread.

    You both sound like great partners. I am, as both of you made mention of it, not looking to be the sole provider of creative energy. I need to be surprised by twists and turns as much as the next reader.

    I would love to get to know both of you better.

    Heck, maybe we can even do a round robin!
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