Looking for a partner! Either sex, no plots yet.

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Hey fellow roleplayers! I'm looking for people to roleplay with, obviouly as i wouldn't post this here.

A little info about me.
I'm 20 years old
I've roleplayed for a few years with pretty long breaks between periods where i'd roleplay all day.
I go to college, i study english to become a teacher (Doesn't mean ill write flawlessly, im still learning)
My favorite Genre's are fantasy, adventure, horror, gaming, magic and a hint of romance.
I enjoy an roleplay with a lot of action.
My posts are between 3 lines to 4 paragraphs. Of course the 3 lines would be during conversations where nothing else could happen.
I post many, many times a day
I do roleplay 18+ but ofcourse only with other adult members and ony in the libertine forum thingy. I'm straight so no MxM roleplays, sorry.

If you have ideas do tell and i hope we'll start a roleplay soon!
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I have a few ideas if you're up for it! I'm 19 and in college, studying to be a doctor, so I'm not perfect either, but I do have breaks and can reply as often as I can.


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Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Romance, I'm open to almost anything. Just feel free to ask. If I'm not comfortable with it, I will calmly talk about it. Otherwise, I'm all over the spectrum.
I'm interested if you're still looking for partners. We can discuss plots via PM.
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