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  1. I am fairly new around here. But don't be alarmed as I am literate and dedicated to my writing. I have tons of experience about 5 years worth. I can write anything from one liners to multi paras. I would like a partner who can write at least one detailed paragraph (5-8 sentences). I am flexible with this and understand that sometimes we get writer's block, but I'd like to avoid one liners as much as possible.

    Basically I was looking to do a roleplay based off of a tv show, movie, or book, alternative universe style. It doesn't have to be that though. I would be willing to discuss an original idea.

    Some ideas I would be willing to do but not limited to are below
    • Perks of Being A Wallflower
    • AHS
    • 90210
    • Gossip Girl
    • Degrassi
    • Orange is the New Black
    • Skins
    • Weeds
    • 1D AU

    Oh and lastly, I would like for the plot to actually have a storyline and not just straight up sex.
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  2. for this were you planning on playing the actual characters or making your own that fit within the world?
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