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  1. Looking for someone to do a Naruto roleplay with. I'm actually trying to get some extra inspiration and some new faces to replace others for a fanfic I want to write. I'm going to break this post down into quick sections.

    Some details, it'd be an alternate universe, meaning none of the character's from the series exist, the world itself will remain basically the same, just different faces. We'd be using multiple characters, however many you think you can handle, I'm hoping for 3. I do want this to be a fairly long term thing, I really wish to get back into roleplaying and build on the story I already have in place.

    What I want from an RP partner. I'm a bit rusty but intermediate level of skill on the posts is what I'm aiming for. I'd like someone who is pretty adapt to roleplaying, hopefully a little better then me, so I have something to strive for. I post better content the better replies I get. Ah, I'm a guy, and straight, and plan for some romance to be involved if the roleplay advances far enough, so I'm looking for a female roleplay partner. Also should be 18+, I'm 22 myself and it'd be odd to be roleplaying with a 16 year old even if I do not plan for the RP to go beyond like PG13 at least romance wise. I can be pretty active if driven enough, I am online enough I just need the push to get onto Iwaku specifically--but a good RP should do that. I'd like someone who can at least post once a day, not strict on that but I like an at least semi-active RP. The ability to roleplay a fight is sort of needed, it is a ninja-themed roleplay after all

    A bit about me so you know. Like I mentioned, I'm a 22 year old guy, who lives in the middle of BFE Lol. I been roleplaying for 12 years, but it has definitely slowed down a lot in recent years as roleplaying's popularity dwindled a bit along with a busier life style changes of growing up. I want to get of out this rusty phase.

    As far as plot I really actually have a lot of different ideas, all based around one central overall plot that spans years (with time skips, of course), around a cast of characters I have already established over the years. Character's would be around 18-25. We can talk a lot more about it if someone is interested.

    Side note...ah, how'd I do setting this up? I apologize, with being rusty, I haven't done something like this in a while...
  2. Sounds awesomeXD!! I would love to join if that would be okay with you.
  3. Cool. How many characters do you think you can handle, and are you able to handle fighting in RP? Lol.
  4. I can handle as many as you need me to, and I am able to RP fight ^_^
  5. Going to go ahead and bump this up.
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