Looking for a MXM rp

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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a few decent rp partners.

    I've been itching to do a M/M rp, with elements of mpreg.

    Plot candies:
    -Psychological thrillers
    -Medieval setting
    -fantasy setting
    -Abusive/dark/twisted relationships.

    I have a handful of ideas, but here are some of the pairings.




    -Doctor Who [MXM The Doctor/The Master? Or The Doctor/Captain Jack] <3 <3
    -Harry Potter
    -Death Note [Light,Yagami /L] ******* <3 <3 [I have a brilliant Idea for this one.]

    Guys!! Sorry I failed to mention that I'm looking for a RP where there is no set top or bottom as far as the bedroom is concerned. So if you can only play the uke, I'm not the gal for you. If you can only play Dom, prepare to have your character violated. c;
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  2. Please some one take a look!!!!!!! D;
  3. *looks*
    Well if you wanted to do one with me I'd be most happy to do something dark&twisted
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  4. I'd love to do a prince x prince rp :D
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  5. pm me! ;D
  6. Your plot candies are all things I love in a roleplays and i'd be interested in doing a Detective x Prostitute, Prince x Prince or Assassin x Target with you ^^, though I warn you before hand that my posting can be a bit sporadic, like one day I might post as soon as I can and post several times then I might be missing for awhile >< due to a crazy work/school schedule, so if that is a problem I completely understand
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  7. That's okay! My schedule is very similar. Shoot me a msg? And we can discuss further there. :3
  8. ALIENS~ \0w0/ !!!<3

    I'd totally play the AlienxHuman RP. 8D Sounds super awesome and has so much potential!
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  9. I would love to implement m-preg in Harry Potter. However, I prefer playing the carrier (pregnant male) instead of the sire (non-pregnant male). Is that alright?
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  10. :D Great, shoot me a PM so we can brainstorm, I have absolutely 0 ideas for the Alien/Human despite wanting to do it.
  11. That's fine, I don't mind. :)

    Shoot me a PM?
  12. I'm not big on mpreg or fandoms, but I might could oblige on an original plot/pairing. I have a sort of scifi/cyberpunk idea that could go multiple pairing directions.
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  13. I'll be the demon to your human...hahaha let me play too:-)
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  14. I'd be interested in doing an mpreg with an assassin/target pairing, that'd be interesting :D
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  15. Do you possibly Draco x Harry? I don't mind mpreg either, though I prefer to play the submissive/pregnant male ^.^
  16. I'd love to do the prince x prince. I suck at being the seme though. So would it be possible for me to be the uke?
  17. Sorry guys!!! I'm not looking for someone who can only the Uke role. Sorry! <3