Looking for a maximum of three others

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  1. Hello!

    I am currently looking for three other users to help me in a small group role-play.

    I don't work well in very large groups for writing, so I would just like to limit my choices to three people.

    Now, this will be a high school-esque, with large amounts of fantasy and romance and drama. So this will run in a similar vein to a manga romance. Pairings can be discussed once three people have been chosen.

    Now, as for how people will be chosen.

    If you are up for this, let me know on this thread and then send me a private message with an example of your writing. Just so I can get a feel for your level of writing and your style! Then I shall find some awesome people!

    Feel free to join! :3
  2. wrong category, you may want to ask a staff member to either move it to internet check or partner requests
  3. Ummm...? It's a group I am looking for...
  4. yeah still your not supposed to put it here, it needs to be in a internet check