Looking for a male player to play a Human for my Monster

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  1. Okay I have literally had this plot sitting in my Drafts for almost 3 years and I have never ONCE used it. I had this epiphany obviously a million and a half years ago; anyways and I realllllllllllllllllllllly want to do it. Why; don't know because obviously in the three years I haven't needed it. Then I realized it's pretty much been that long since I stopped RPing and now I'm back with something fierce. :D

    Anyhoo. This plot which I should make into sentences longer than 3 letters.

    Girl is a monster who lives in a far off world where she can only dream about humans.
    Boy is a human who wishes that something exciting would happen in his life.
    On Halloween the girl is allowed to put on a human costume and walk around doing whatever they want for a full 24 hours then she disappears to the human eyes for another year and every year she has gone out and had the most amazing time, but there is going to be something that forever changes her visits to Earth.
    The girl meets a boy one Halloween night and they hang out with each other. At the end of her 24 hours though the girl disappears and doesn't come back for a year.
    Next Halloween the girl goes to find the guy again. This time though a wizard puts a spell on girl after she rejects his proposal of marriage and he changes her into a human permanently. Now the guy has to help this newly turned monster-girl try and live in the real world.

    Yeah so that's the gist of the idea. There are a couple of different things that I had an idea for, but I do not feel like typing them out and if you don't like this exact version than I will give those ideas to you. Just ask nicely. :D

    Now Imma go to bed because I have a test in the morning and I need to get good sleep. Especially since I didn't study! YAY FOR PROCRASTINATION! :D
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    Wow, this sounds very fun and well thought out. I would like to offer myself to join your endevours for this. This sounds very fun, and romantic, leaves alot of room for plot than sex.
  3. Yeah. Why I have never used it until now... I don't know.
    That was more or less the whole point. I figure though that eventually that they will get to the point where she will want to know what sex is and stuff. But mostly, she's an innocent girl so this would be more like plot and adventure with the Wizard and stuff.
    Why don't you send me a PM and we'll work out the finer details. :D
  4. This plot is too interesting for me to ignore. So even though there's already a response...I'm going to jump in and note my interest too. It sounds like a really interesting story. :)
  5. That's okay. I always like doing more than RP even with the same plot because each person brings something new to the table. If you're interested, shoot me a PM and we can work something out. :D
  6. I wanna do another one of these. :D I have one going, but I have a little mini plot twist (that no I will not tell you about! :D) that I want to use and I need a new RP to do it in. XD
  7. Love the plot. I've had similar ideas...except that my monster's not a monster but an alien. Would love to get in on this.