Looking for a long-term role-playing partner! :D

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  1. Just looking for a long-term role-play partner that I could start new role-plays whenever we get tired of an old one! :D I don't bite... Hard. ;)
  2. got any plots speedy poster here :D
  3. :D Hiya! sorry for any typos, im typing in the dark >.> Anyway! I like modern-ish rps, but sometimes fantasy, like medieval stuff. But im BIG on romance, i like to base my stories around it :) sorry, i dont have a plot exactly, its been 2 months since i last rped. My ex was the only person i ever rped with, so opening to a site like this is a little strange to me >.< Im open to any rp idea though if you have one :)
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  4. I would like to rp with you and I would like to know what kind of romances you like in the way of gay, straight, lesbian, ectera...
  5. Hello, Starry. :) I'm bisexual, so i'm really open to any type of romance. I'm not very experienced at being a furry, BUT I am willing to give it a shot if that's what you like to do.
  6. Im up for a furry romance rp if you want, just got back on the site yesterday so i'm trying to get into as many RPs as possible.
  7. I'm not really a furry, so i'd need a bit of help! xD That's a canyon i've yet to explore.
  8. misread your last comment XD but hey we could still rp.
  9. Hell yeah :3 Are you exclusive furry??
  10. Not really, I RP as human and furry. I'm just fab like that! :bananaman:
  11. :D I have found no unfriendly people here so far :) ill definitely rp with you, just know that I am casual and like to keep things simple sometimes >.> I'm not THAT descriptive, but i try sometimes xD
  12. How I rp just depends on how tired I am, i'll send you a PM and we can decide what kind of rp we wanna do.
  13. I'm cool with short-style RPs. I can write long, but sometimes I'm exhausted and want something tiny. Sign me up?
  14. Your signed up, Dizzy! PM Me! :D
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