Looking for a libertine/story driven 1x1 Male; Open to ideas/plots

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  1. So it never fails that an rp starts and it starts SO epic and wonderful, but then slowly but surely it begins to die out....to nothing. So let me say first that I ONLY want inquiries who will in fact commit to the rp no matter what or how many other obligations you have. I don't care if you post once a day, as long as the story lives on. :}

    I'm looking for a male counterpart to my female character. I would like realistic characters please no anime AVI's.

    Tbh I don't have a solid plot I want to go with but I do want it to be expansive and actually have a strong plot. Also there will be libertine action/smut in which it can get pretty heavy as well. With that being said anyone interested let me know! Anyone have any ideas run them by me.

    Potential Plots:
    - Post Apocalypse, but during medieval times. (Survival Fantasy)
    - Tale of two exes/friends getting together in a heated romance (Modern/Slice of Life)
    - Original Superhero Universe based off of Marvel & DC fused characters/ Amalgam Comics (Fandom/Superpowered) ***Cartoon images allowed for this one***
    - A female covert agent must balance with personal life and deadly missions (Action/Adventure)
    - Walking Dead: Creation (Survival-Horror/Fandom)
    - Supernatural [show) Spin off Rp (Action-Horror/Fandom)

    Anymore ideas feel free!!! ^_^
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  2. I would be interested in a medieval post apocalyptic role play. By chance have you seen/read Solomon Kane?
  3. Heard of him, but no unfortunately :0
  4. Ahhh, well it's on Netflix and it was what came to my mind when I thought of it. Anywho, perhaps a magick plague, akin to a rage virus? Or ghouls rising from a necromancer? Or simple end of the world?
  5. My idea was that the gods (Greek lore) decided to abandon the human race because they were dissatisfied with them so they caused sheer chaos on the world and left the humans to die. Some survived but now the world is a broken, obliterated system where each province has different creatures/conditions. Survive or die lol.
  6. So basically Tartarus and Pandora's box have been let loose?
  7. Only creatures and such. The gods have left completely. That's my thinking
  8. Alright. So the terrible monsters of lore, minotaurs, satyrs, gryphons, ect?
  9. Yeah sorta kinda, goblins, imps, dragons, etc.
  10. Sounds good for me! I am thinking of playing an ex Spartan soldier turned mercenary of sorts.
  11. Ok, I will also say the world I'm creating is fictional. I think there's like 9 provinces and each province has different ecological and geological conditions.
  12. Fine by me, I'll go Spartan in a general sense.
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