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Okay I am back from one of the craziest months of my life. But I'm not going into details to bore you. Pretty much I am pumped and ready to start things back up. And I have a few plot ideas mainly on my mind. Mainly I am looking for Males for MxF role plays. But I am open to all ideas if you even have some plots your looking for partners for shoot me a pm and we may be able to work something out. Anyways here are some match ups below.

1) Arrow x MC : yes I'm obsessed and looking for someone to pull off an Oliver Queen like no other. I have made up a character I'm sure would work wonderful with him and help in the fight against evil.

2) Anything Marvel!! I mean anything I'm a fan girl at heart. Even though lately I've been leaning more towards agents of shield with the new series coming out.

3) sheriff x FBI agent : I'm not going to go crazy into the plot here but anyways a FBI agent you is sent out to help a local sheriff catch one of the most gruesome serial killers of his time. Yes this has lots of gore and blood so be forewarned.

4) Anything werewolf and vampire I'm down. Ifyou have a good plot shoot it my way


I'm game for a marvel rp but I'm not that great at portraying characters that I didn't create, if that's a problem let me know please


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I have a vampire plot we coulddo
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