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  1. You read the title.... Im looking to do a harem rp but i dont have any partners and we come up with a plot we like

    My rules are simple

    Partner must not care about post length (my post tend to be short )

    No Bdsm gore rape murder toilet play (shit and piss) no kid characters please (minimum for age for me is 16)

    I prefer to rp in third person

    No skype rp or discussion

    I dont use real life people as picture and prefer my partner not to as well

    And if your interested in knowing this stuff here

    Show Spoiler

    I have a minor foot fetish (footjobs only no sucking toes or anything like that)

    I think tsunderes are adorable

    Im minorly afraid of yanderes but i do like them

    Im horrible at fighting rps! So i will generally try to avoid them

    My characters tend to have a dark past but its never obvious

    I prefer long term rps

    I hate those who abandon rps without bothering to leave a message >.<

    I prefer pm rp

    I cant stand rape(means absolutely no rape at all!)

    I like to play shy characters

    Also before anyone ask i do like playing races other then human

    Examples are:


    Furry(where my character isnt human at all amd just has one form)





    Basically anything along those lines
  2. Still looking
  3. still looking

    also this can be with multiple partners in one plot
  4. Always looking ^.^
  5. Still looking
  6. Still looking...
  7. Heyo~!
  8. hey Gigi

    Are you interested in this?
  9. Yes. :3
  10. Do you already have a plot planned? (as mentioned above i don't but i am willing to come up with one with you)
  11. Weeeeeell. Have you ever heard of Monster Musume?
  12. Oh yes watched it amd completed it its currently on my myanimelist favorites although I've still never played as a character from an anime So sorry if im bad at it (unless its different characters i cant tell if your doing something based around it or based on it 100%)
  13. No, no, 100% OCs. :3 I'm just a monster girl addict and I can work it into a harem setting better than anything else I can think of.
  14. Lol that i do not mind so we can do this rpv
  15. Yaaaay~
  16. Want move to pms? (also you just reminded me i also have an interest for rps with monster girls XD so thanks)
  17. Will always be looking

    (search doesn't end with one plot)
  18. I am always looking!!
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