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  1. OK so I am looking for a group RP and I am wondering if anyone else is ?

    I haven't got any ideas i mind specifically, but I am more than happy to come up with something if we can put our heads together on a genre ect ect

    If there is anyone else out there interested in getting a decent group RP going then let me know !

    ~ You must have acceptable grammar and proof read your posts.
    ~ No God Modding, keep it realistic please for the sake of everyone else.
    ~ Posting everyday is not compulsory, but the story may move on and bring your character quietly with it.
    ~ Forum rules apply so stick to them.

    That is the only 'rules' as such I can think of,

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  2. I have this group rp but it seems dead. or commatose. want to try building a new one?
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  3. I would be up for joining if you guys have any ideas or we can brainstorm. :)
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  4. [MENTION=5170]HoldMeCloser[/MENTION]: I would also be interested in forming a group role play with you.. if you are still accepting.
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  5. Good to hear guys !

    Yeah I am on the hunt to make a group !

    Ill be in Spain for a week, but I should be able to post planning :)

    Lets do this !
  6. Great, so any ideas as to what you would like your group RP to be about?
  7. [MENTION=5170]HoldMeCloser[/MENTION]: Great~! Just let me know whenever you want to start pulling some ideas.
    I will do my best to be of assistance!
  8. I'm interested as well :o Hope there is still room, Chuu!
  9. Yeah, The group wont have a limit for now, but once the idea comes it will be closed.

    ITS OUR GROUP NOW, I don't want you guys to think of it as mine.

    Lets make something awesome together that will last as a long term role-play ! <3

    One idea I had : Zombie apoc, Town of survivors, different types of people i.e the gaurds, the recons, the medics, the civilians, ECT ECT

    All about surviving as a town built by survivors as a safe zone from the zombies... the day to day life, as well as the fight for humanities survival.

    Its only quick description as its 4am here in the UK. Feel free to post any ideas here guys. Brainstorm away because i have never done this before ! :')

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  10. Right so zombie rp sounds good to me. Right how long into the zombie apoc are we thinking this should take place? I mean as we have already set up an safe place it should be awhile into it. Also what kind of characters are people thinking of?
  11. [MENTION=5170]HoldMeCloser[/MENTION]: Oh, cool~
    I like the idea of a zombie apocalypse, but how would the plot proceed?
    If we were to go through with a Zomb story, would the outbreak have happened recently? Or years before the current setting?

    On another note, an idea that I have been thinking about lately takes place in a somewhat 'futuristic' world, where a cruise liner is built to house an array of students, teachers and the like.
    Essentially, it is a school built on the largest cruise ship in the world (which makes it massive, by the way).
    The story would be centered around the daily lives of the students and others living on the ship, however, there are many different ways that I was wanting to take the plot:

    In one scenario, the cruise ship would sail to a different assortment of islands and throughout the journey many students begin to contract a deadly virus which is very similar to the rumored 'zombie' virus we commonly rave over. Once the outbreak occurs, the physically able are separated from those who are not fit to survive (as in every zombie story.. or anything for that matter!) and the students are soon forming groups in order to survive.
    (There are many 'neighborhoods' on the ship that provide shelter for the survivors, but some have been completely taken over by the dead.)
    The higher ups decide to sail the ship towards the mainland and call for help, however, the government refuses to allow them ashore and quarantines the ship in order to section off the disease. It is then that the passengers realize that they are on their own in this battle of survival.
    Also, another hardship that they must overcome is a group of conscious virus carriers who walk among the dead, but are very much alive!
    Some wish to help the students make it through the outbreak, but others seek to kill everyone off and force their way into the mainland in order to infect the rest of the human race.

    The other zombie plots that I was thinking of are not as good as this one though.. 죄송합니다 ^ ^;
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  12. Asura I'm really sorry to ask but could you possible use a bigger font I'm having real trouble reading that size once again really sorry to be a pain. :)

    But from the little bit i can read I like the idea of the cruise liner. It would be an interesting RP. Would the virus be contagious by bite like it normally is in any good zombie plot?
  13. [MENTION=4880]Eve lilith Angelson[/MENTION]: I edited the font, sorry for posting so small!
    But, yes the virus is contracted through a bite. However, I was thinking of having the virus initially be contracted through the food that many students consumed idly while visiting an island.
    Once infected, the newly 'zombified' students would transfer the disease through bites.
  14. Yay I can read thank you and no need to be sorry a lot of people use small fonts.

    Yeah through the food to begin with is a great idea maybe they have been giving a shot like you would get when you travel around the world and something in the food doesn't quite mix with the shot maybe?
  15. [MENTION=4880]Eve lilith Angelson[/MENTION]: Oh, okay, that's a great idea~!
    So, the initial outbreak is caused by some form of mega-shot (since its a 'futuristic-esque' plot) in order to prevent illnesses, but when the enzymes in the shot mixed with the bacteria in the food the students ingested.. the bacteria.. mutated~
    Haha, and it would kind of make sense too, because the bacteria would then begin building a resistance against the shot and other antibiotics, causing it to become harder to cure.
  16. That was just what i was thinking but as with anything you would have the ones whom would have no reaction to the shot or the food so they wouldn't get infected. Oh I'm really enjoying this idea.

    Oh and as the ship is huge it would also hold many hiding places and even some places where some of the students and teachers could relax even if only for a short time. have you got any ideas on the lay out of the ship yet?
  17. [MENTION=4880]Eve lilith Angelson[/MENTION]: Yes, yes~! I love the idea, I wonder if everyone would be okay with it though.
    As for the layout of the ship, I was hoping to get some ideas for it.
    I have thought about a lot of it, but I'm not sure of how in depth I want to go.
    I'm sure that we can just use our imagination for most of it since its a HUGE ship, though.
  18. Yeah imagination is fine as long as every one has a rough idea of where things are say the shops could be on the 1st floor down with all the cabins could be on floor 6 through to 7 kinda thing even if its just a basic idea for example.

    top deck= open floors with a large sitting area, and a few places for food
    1st floor down= shopping centers with every thing any one could ever need from clothes to sports shops (good place for weapons)
    2nd - 5th floor down= The School class rooms with 2nd floor being for the oldest and so on and so forth.
    6th- 8th= housing/ cabins

    and that kinda thing so if some one says they are running down one of the many corridors on the 4th floor we will know what kind of rooms they would have around them.

    (I hope this makes sense)
  19. [MENTION=4880]Eve lilith Angelson[/MENTION]: Of course, all of those kinds of descriptions are necessary.
    I would be more than willing to type up descriptions for each floor/room, if everyone agrees.

    But, don't worry, I can understand you perfectly fine.
  20. Great sound like we have a good start let's just see what everyone else thinks to it before I get to carried away. :)

    But just so you know if you need help I'm more then willing to help. I already have a couple of characters in mind just not sure what one to use yet.