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  1. I'm looking for a couple of highly sexual, but still story driven role-plays. I just tend to get way too attached to my characters for simple PWP role-plays haha. @_@ The plot can even just be about having a lot of sex for whatever various reason. I don't mind.

    PMs make me uncomfortable. If you asked me to explain why, I couldn't tell you. I often let that little red notice sit there for days because it intimidates me. Needless to say, I role-play through threads only, and if I take a while to reply to your PMs, this is why.

    Also, if we were ever going to start a role-play, and it didn't happen forever reason... I've been doing poorly the past few weeks and I'm pretty sure there's a good chance I forgot about some things. A+ role-player of the year. Anyway, feel free to prod me, okay?

    What I look for in a partner:
    - Patience: I suffer from a chronic illness. This means there will be the odd time that I won't be able to reply for a while. I try to get a reply out at least once a week - usually more than that - but I simply can't promise that will always be the case.
    - Enthusiasm: I love to plot and chat about characters, and I love it when my partners do, too!
    - Cooperation: Ties in with the above. I don't like being the only person driving a story forward. Role-playing is all about collaborative writing, after all. Don't be afraid to pitch in your own ideas.

    Things I like:
    - Toys
    - Blood play (incl. menstruation)
    - Tentacles
    - Age differences
    - Virginity
    - Futanaria/ambiguous genitals (specifically a woman with a penis and vagina; no testicles)
    - Oviposition
    - Corsets
    - Crossdressing
    - Masturbation
    - Knotting
    - Orgasm control/denial
    - Exhibitionism/voyeurism
    - Risk of being caught/being caught in the act
    - Significant age differences

    Things I dislike:
    - Anything non-consensual
    - Pregnancy
    - Full furries
    - Your typical 'no bathroom stuff, no bestiality, no pedophilia' junk
    - No M/F please. Not interested.

    For a full list of things I like/dislike, click here:

    Bold: A character that I would prefer to play

    Pairing ideas (F/F):
    - Princess + Handmaiden/servant/etc.
    - Queen + Handmaiden/servant/etc.
    - Vampire + Human
    - Monster Girls or Monster Girl + Human
    - Prostitute + Virgin
    - Celebrity + Fan (or two normal girlfriends, one of whom becomes famous while they are together)
    - Android + Human
    - Body guard + (?) Someone important enough to need protection

    Pairing ideas (M/M):
    - Master + Servant (wherein the master is an extraordinarily bossy - but not 'submissive' - bottom; inspired by this [NSFW])
    - Human + Shapeshifter/werewolf/monster boyfriend (inspired by this. [NSFW])
    - Crossdresser/feminine man + 'Straight' man
    - Twincest of some kind, idk
    - Body guard + (?) Someone important enough to need protection

    If you have any ideas that you're needing a partner for, feel free to tell them to me, too.
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  2. Looked through your full kinks list. If you're up for it, I suppose we could try some sort of mix between the transformation and hypnosis/mind control ones. I love any sort of transformation (and often play rampant shape-shifters), and have been looking for a roleplay where someone has some measure of control over someone else for a while (don't care if I'm the controller or the controlee). No idea yet, but we can build it if you want.
  3. Would you be willing to do a Demon/Queen? Both on female, if you like the idea it would be awesome.
    If not I'm interested in the Queen/Handmaiden.
  4. I would be intrested in playing the servent in the Queen x servent or the idol in the idol x fan. ? I'm just not the dominate time but I have an idea for the idol one.
  5. I would be up to doing a Prostitute + Virgin with you
  6. Yes, please! That is, if you still have room ;_;...
  7. I'd love some twincest.
  8. Well, guess I will stick to this thread to message you then :3
    Are you still looking, anything you want to try specifically at the moment?
  9. Princess (you female ) x maid ( me futa?)
  10. I'm up for any M/F RP.
  11. She clearly stated she has no interest in m/f pairings...
  12. Whoops. Well, I CAN try prostitutexvirgin.
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