Looking for a few rp partners!

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  1. Hello everyone ^_^. I am looking for a couple new rp partners. I like action, mystery, fantasy, and i absolutely love romance. Im pretty much cool with anything except for horror or mecha. I don't have any certain plots in mind so if you have any you wanted to do then that would be cool. I will only play a guy and my partner must play a girl. I always post 2+ lines but if the rp is intense then i can do a paragraph+. My partner can can have any posting skill level but i must be able to understand it and text talk is a no go. I post multiple times a day unless I'm busy with something (which i would let you know ahead of time). If you want to rp with me then post in this thread or pm me! Thanks~
  2. Well, I am looking for a RolePlay partner as well! And I love romance action mysterie and fantasy too. ^^ And uhm I am a girl so maybe we could be RolePlay partners? But I have to say. I am pretty busy. So I don't know when I am online and offline...
  3. That sounds amazing! Im a pretty patient person so you don't have to post 20+ a day or anything.
  4. That sounds great! Well I think I can easily post once or twice a day. Depends on my homework and sports. ^^
  5. Okay I'm going to pm you!
  6. Cool! Only one thing... (what is pm xD) Sorry I that was such a stupid question..
  7. Oh Private Message lol its fine ^^
  8. If you'd like another partner, shoot me a PM! ^^
  9. Ok i sent you one :)
  10. id like to rp with you if ^w^
  11. Okay i will defiantly pm you!
  12. >.< you fit all my plot lines! *dances around happily*
    PM me please!
  13. If youre looking for more,I'm here~ [:
  14. Ok shoot me a pm ^^
  15. If you're up for another I'd love to RP with you ^^