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  1. Hello Everyone!
    I am looking to do a few roles plays. My other role plays have kind of died. There are a few hings you need to know about me before we role play together though.

    • I do have a life. I may not be on everyday, but I will most certainly try and I expect the same of you.
    • I would prefer my partner to post at least two paragraphs, but I will make some exceptions sometimes.
    • I would prefer to play the female; However I have no problem doubling or doing two role plays with the same person.
    • I will NOT play more characters than you. I want my role plays to be fair and fun. I do not feel I can achieve this when I have to worry about more characters than you do.
    • I prefer to have romance in them, but none of that love at first sight bullshit and I don't like the whole falling in love after a day thing.
    So, there are my rules. If there is something I have left out that you are curious about please feel free to ask.

    Now onto the role play I am interested in. They are in the order of most wanted to least wanted. I will do them all though, so if the one you are interested in is low on the list don't worry.

    1. X-men: First Class
    2. Avengers
    3. Harry Potter
    4. Divergent
    5. Mortal Instruments
    6. Criminal minds
    7. Vampires/Demons/Angels/other supernatural beings
    8. Supernatural (The show)
    9. Celebrity/Fan (This includes Rock stars or Kpop Idols)
    10. Bleach
    11. Naruto (Akatsuki included)
    12. Pokemom
    13. Any other ideas you have or things I have not listed that you are interested in.
    I look forward to RPing with you!!

  2. I would be willing to do the Divergent or Bleach with you ^^

    Seeing as you have Divergent up higher I'm sure you want to do that one over Bleach. I loved the books, though I don't tell people that because I'm male. Though this is the internet so no one cares.
  3. I would do either one. I love them both. So which ever one you prefer to do.
  4. What do you want to do in Divergent? Add Four(Tobias), Beatrice, etc. All those made characters or would it be an Alternate Universe but with the same Factions?

    Same with Bleach. Canon or Alternate Universe.
  5. As for Divergent, I am a super Eric( i think that's his name I havent read it in a bit ) fan, so he wouldn't die and I don't like Tris much so I'd prefer her gone. Other than that I am open to pretty much anything lol.

    As for bleach I'd like to play an OC, but other than that anything can happen.

    As long as they both have a developing mature romance in there and some violence I am satisfied lol. Oh and an obvious plot..no nonsense smut please.
  6. Hmmmm. So you want Divergent as an Alternate Universe but with Eric still? (I think that was his name)

    Bleach we can do OC if you want, I don't mind either way. I like both equally.
  7. Sure why don't we plan more in pm? Message me?
  8. 6-8 sound good to me!

    I"ve never done a Supernatural RP... I think it would be awesome!
  9. We can do supernatural if you like.
  10. I'm interested in doing Naruto, Supernatural creatures, or celeb/fan. I have no preference.
  11. Great! What did you want to hunt?
  12. I've been craving a Naruto rp forever <3
  13. I dont know. Could both of you message me?
  14. Don't know if you're still looking for RP's after all the responses you've already gotten, but I just made a thread in this forum called "Heroes at War". I think you would like it a lot, looking at your top two choices.
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  15. Pm the plot?
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