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  1. hey there I think the title is a bit self explainatory but I am looking for a couple people to Roleplay with.

    Storylines vary.

    An example of my writing is right here so you can see what level I'm at.

    Damien gave a smirk as he saw River rush off to the restroom.

    It may sound stalker is but her had been watching her for the last hour or so. He slowly walked over spiking her drink with a powder that would make her unable to even walk on her own. At one point he probably would have been one of the guys that was trying to get with her. That was essentially what he was doing but he was doing it a different way.

    A year or so ago he had tried to be the nice guy. Tried to be a friend only to be shot down with sarcastic and somewhat rude comments. He had been hurt but he secret devised a plan where she would be his and even if that meant kidnapping he was willing to do what ever.

    He had turned his house into essentially a prison so she couldn't get away when he did get her.

    That's one of the most recent replies I've sent from a male's point of view. That doesn't mean I just play males I play females as well. I like doing both but really prefer female but I can do male.
  2. If you would like, we could roleplay! I'm going to turn this discussion into a PM right now, but this post is just a heads up!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.