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  1. Hey! I'm looking for a few partners. I'm pretty lax and I try to make interesting plots, though if you have a plot you want to play out I'd be happy for you to share it with me. Some ground rules:

    Don't ghost me. If you're going to be gone for a while, tell me.
    If you're going to abandon a conversation after losing interest, don't bother messaging me in the first place.
    You don't control my character. I don't control yours.
    Don't abandon ship if you lose interest a while in. Work with me to make things interesting.

    Either way, here's some plots I've created. I prefer M/M roleplays, but if you can convince me otherwise then I'm game. I also don't mind sexually explicit roleplays.

    You've lived in the city all your life. It's all you know. To witness the advancements of transportation, electricity and structures are all amazing to you. There's a few noisy construction jobs going on for a few skyscrapers, though it's nothing to throw a fit about. However.
    One night, there's a violent storm. One of the structures topples, destroying a building across the street and wrecking itself. Why did this happen? Was it weak? No, it wasn't. There's one word to describe this.
    Magic. Something that manifests in the form of light, so nobody can see or touch it.
    After the incident, weird things start happening around the block. Otherworldly, ahead-of-your-time kind of people start appearing. Weird clothing, weird hairstyles, and wacky eye colors like red and purple. You're brave enough to start investigating, and eventually meet someone who is willing to help you search for clues.

    You've moved into a new neighborhood. There's a fun kind of buzz, with a certain liveliness to it. Your neighbors are kind, and have given you a few gifts to welcome you to town. A diner, a drive-in theater, and a convenience store a minute away from your home are only three of the many things to be stoked about.
    Except, you believe there's something in your house. Not a thing, not a weak structure. Demons. A little wack, right? Maybe you're just losing your mind. Though on one fateful morning, when you wake up and plod into the kitchen, there's someone sitting there, eating your cereal. It's an attractive young man, who gets a kick out of annoying the heck out of you.

    Sorry there's only two as of the moment. These were just two plots I've been craving, so I'll put a date next to the title of the thread for every update I make :'D if you're interested, PM me!
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  2. updated entire thread :>
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