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About Me
I've been roleplaying for about ten years now. I am female, but I prefer playing male characters. I almost exclusively play MxM, but if you've got a really interesting plot and won't do anything but MxF, then I will do it. Basically, I will do MxF rarely but am really picky. For the rare MxF roleplays, I might play either gender. For MxM, I can play any sort of role, but I do like variety and would prefer a partner who doesn't mind switching it up every once in a while (whether in the same rp or between rps). Just don't expect me to always play the dominant to your submissive or vice versa.

For post length, I generally do a single average sized paragraph or less. I do avoid one-liners, but a couple posts in a row might be only a few sentences. Generally, it depends entirely on what's going on in the post at the moment. I always write in third person, past tense ("He smiled and nodded" not "He smiles and nods").

What I Will Absolutely Not Do: I do not like any sort of toilet play. Absolutely not. Besides that, run any kinks by me first, but I'm pretty open to try anything at least once. If it squicks me out or is not my cup of tea, I will let you know.

What I'm Looking For

  • Preferably long term partners. This doesn't mean long term rps, just partners. I don't mind going from rp to rp with the same partner, or even having multiple rps running at the same time with the same partner.
  • Somebody who posts about the same length as me (a paragraph, on average). If you regularly post 3-4 or more paragraphs, please don't respond. Long posts occasionally are fine (like for intros or big plot points).
  • Somebody who will plot with me out of character, but also isn't afraid to throw things into the rp. Run really really big things by me, but you're welcome to throw small plots right in. If I don't like where it looks like it's headed, I'll let you know and we'll figure out a way to have the characters get out of it together. But we don't get to decide what happens in real life, why should I have control over every little detail of my character's life?
  • I prefer private rps over PM. Threads in the forums are okay, but I'm not as comfortable there when it comes to sexual content so I'd prefer forum rps to skip over the actual sex part.
  • A partner who won't be bothered by the fact that I'm still learning to write detailed sex scenes

Pairings and Plots
Throw anything you've got at me. And I do mean anything! I love dark themes or light themes, simple plots or complex. Anything! I prefer modern, historical, fantasy, and am interested in trying out something with werewolves. I almost never do scifi or fanon rps.

Current pairings I'm specifically interested in right now are below. If I have a preference for which character I play, it'll be in bold.
  • Doctor/Patient
  • Single Father/Child's Teacher
  • Abusive relationship (most likely involving drugs or alcohol and dub or non-con. Pairing and plot can be decided together)
  • Boss/Employee
  • Kidnapper/Kidnapped
  • Older Brother/Younger Brother
  • Neighbors who are both married men falling for each other
  • Addict/Therapist or other person that helps them with the addiction
  • Father/Son (natural or step are both okay)
  • Angel/Demon
  • Vampire/Human (I will only do one where I can be the human. I have enough rps going where I play a vampire right now. Thank you)
  • Scientist/Experiment
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