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  1. Hello! :D

    I'm Saren and I'm looking for two or three partners to roleplay with me! Summer is ahead of me, so I'll have a lot of free time to write. I have several different ideas and characters that I'm interested in playing with.

    A few rules:

    • 17+ partners. This is a preference, because I've had rough experiences with immature, younger roleplayers. That being said, if you feel that you can write as well (or better) than me and you're younger, don't be discouraged! I'm willing to listen to anyone who contacts me.
    • I don't do MxM, slice of life, or most plots heavily centered around pregnancy. I will do roleplays with two males if it's a platonic relationship, but I don't intend romance.
    • Please be average and above at writing. Length is of little concern to me, but good grammar and spelling really matters.
    • I have a lot of free time, but sometimes I lose inspiration for a roleplay. Please know that it's not you, and that I will do my best to provide you with quality, inspired work.
    • I love talking to my partners, and if you have twists or plot ideas to fit in, let me know! I enjoy creating new twists and turns for characters.
    • If you aren't interested in any of my plots, let me know and I'll brainstorm. I really love coming up with new plots. :D
    You can find my open plots in my signature. If you're interested in a particular, check out those too.

    With that said, here are some of my newest plots!


    The (Vest) Pocket Dimension

    Once upon a time, an old vest was dropped off at a donation stop. Somehow, this vintage piece of clothing made it into a thrift store. Someone who was dressing up for Halloween happened upon this vest and decided it would work perfect for their costume. What that someone didn't know was that the pocket on the vest would pull them into a strange new world that wasn't unlike their own.

    tags: open ended, dimension travel, possible time travel, any genre, sci-fi, high fantasy


    To Kill Gods

    Someone who was once a hero grows tired of the deities ruling their world, believing they can change the world if they were the god. They take it upon themselves to journey to the homes of each existing god with the sole intent to kill them and achieve godhood. As the last god falls, the former hero becomes everything they ever wanted, and to begin anew, they decide to purge the world. Now, new heroes must venture out to stop the god and prevent the apocalypse.

    tags: high fantasy, medieval, violence, gods, adventure, heroes


    The Unchosen

    The Four Gods always chose heroes to defend their honor and save in their name. The choices were always out of children, and any child up for becoming the hero was sent on a journey. However, those who were not worthy were cast out from their homes. They were often called the Unchosen, imperfect in the eyes of the gods. However, there are other, lesser known gods who were also cast out. These deities require the help of the Unchosen to confront the Four Gods, but to get to them, the Unchosen must travel on a long, difficult quest.

    tags: high fantasy, medieval, magic, violence, possible character death
    If anything interests you, feel free to message me or use the thread. :D​
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  2. I could see 'Unchosen' being fun, maybe in a Conan-esque setting (as just one idea)?

    Likewise the 'Revenge for the Fallen' Mass Effect idea. I tried a group ME RP a couple years back, but it moved way too quickly for me to keep up with and was sort of disorganized.
  3. Well, as someone has already potentially claimed The Unchosen, I'd certainly be up for the Mass Effect idea! :D I can send you a message with some more detail.
  4. Sounds good to me. d(^_^)
  5. Still looking for one, maybe two partners. :D
  6. I am very interested in the To Kill Gods plot it looks like it will be so much fun to write with someone.
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