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Soooo, I'm new here and I thought "Why not start a Private RP search?" Since currently at the moment I don't think I have the time to keep up with more then one or two group RPs/I don't want to drag one down by taking a week to post since I have a very busy class and assignment schedule. Especially if I want his heavenly thing called sleep. I'm sorry this got so long I just really wanted to leave you guys informed. I've been told my searches can be a little intimidating, but i swear I'm harmless and I LOVE questions so never be afraid to ask me about anything if you are curious about it or if I had a derp moment and things sound sort of funny

First, before anything else if you are still with me, thank you for taking the time to read this, even if you’re not interested, I want to thank you for taking a chance and reading this! Now onward to some ideas I have and what I’m looking for!

Few Little Things about Me~ (This is just some thing more specific then what is on my Resume.)
✺ I’m a full time College Senior at the moment, so if I’m not hovering around here…and probably sometimes when I am I am likely doing homework or crying over my math textbook questioning why Math had to be a thing. So with that said me posting everyday isn’t really going to be a thing, I wish I could, but I don’t have that sort of time to give you a quality posts everyday like clockwork. I finally got my classwork and studying schedule set up where I should have the time to post at least once or twice a week, Probably more if I keep up at the click I’ve been finishing my assignments. A really good week you might see four out of me, on a typical one, only one. Really bad one? You will find an PM with me apologizing and telling you what new tomfoolery (my new favorite word of the week.) that my professors are throwing at me.

If such events occur you will go to the top of my to-do list, (I’ll even put you above sleep on said list) So that way I can get it to you as soon as possible when Professor tomfoolery occurs. I’m determined to be better than I was at communicating with my Partners.

✺ So I realized I forgot to say, I do all sorts of Genres, Fantasy, horror, Gothic, Sci-fi, historical I even enjoy cyperpunk, and steampunk settings. I'm rather varied in them, I'll play about genre if I like the plot. Also I have some starter ideas for about everyone one of those if you don't have any that we can run with and build on. Since I didn't list all my ideas bellow, these are just my more recent ones. I have some (mostly fantasy and sci-fi based) That I have bits of the world developed, even developed social structures and religions for it. (well mostly for a fantasy war and guardians of the forests idea)

✺ Soooo, big question here guys, and one I’m sure you all are thinking. (I’ll admit it I often wonder when looking at these things what the answer to this is.) My writing length and quality. Well my friends, I’ve improved a bit since I was last here. Not as drastically as I’m use to my writing style changes being, but I think it’s still improved. I at least don’t cringe nearly as much at myself.

My writing Length: I’m a believer in quality over quantity. Though one site I’ve been on since here, well I’ve had a partner tell me my writing length can get intimidating. (Though in my defense in the same place another had told me I don’t write enough for their taste.) I’ll be honest mine can vary from three to four paragraphs to this novel-esq wall of words that took me a complete week to write. I tend to put multiple characters in a post to give the world more depth or flesh it out a bit since I got to admit I love side characters, and I find them great ways to help a plot along/set up for something. So these things is where a lot of it come from.

Quality?: I’m a descriptive person, I like to try and paint a word picture (though I don’t think I always accomplish this) I know punctuation, grammar, I might not be good enough to be a professor of it, but I like to think I’m rather competent. (at least I hope so after being through more than one writing intensive course and five some English classes that I was graded solely on my papers. Though who knows with the professors around here sometimes.)

✺ I love plotting, I really, really do! I’m addicted to it as I am with plot twists. I adore it.

✺ I am that dorky RP partner that if I get really into a rp I might just make a color coded relationship tree or really crappy maps in Paint……….and 8 times out of 10 I make Spotify playlists inspired by it.

✺ I don’t really have a whole lot of limits(mature theme wise I mean Libertine sort of themes well I'm not very knowledgeable in that area to be honest.), though if you have any or any topics you aren’t comfortable with (that isn’t already a no-no by the rules please tell me! I’m always happy to adjust to your comfort zone on things.

✺ I play all sorts. I play female, male, androgynous, gender fluid (these are my characters who can switch genders because of specific mutations with in their species DNA), shapeshifters, cross dressers, I even have a couple transsexual characters in my list…..Yeah I know I have some really wide brush strokes…..

✺ I like elements of romance in plots, but I rarely like it as the whole plot. (I can be convinced) I like mixing it up with something like adventure, action, and supernatural and so on and some such. I don’t do a whole lot of slice of life stuff where everyone is human and everything is normal and such very often. In short I like Romance as a subplot.

✺ I do play multiple characters if you would prefer it.

▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄

General Ratings
98.9% of my ideas anymore are mature, and most of these ideas do have dark or gothic themes, some not so much, but not many are super campy all sunshine and rainbows…..I blame the person who helps me improve on my writing style has very dark tastes soooo, yeeeeaaaahhh…..I can do light hearted though!….I was challenged to write something dark and depressing…..This is what happened….. Anything you are not comfortable with please just say so! We can avoid it with a twenty foot pole at the ready! So I would really love a writing buddy who is 18 and over please. I'm sure you young men and ladies are mature and are fine with dark themes and such but I feel wrong writing stories with anyone younger then 18 since some of my characters can be dark, crazy or skuzzy if not some things that happen to them.

▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ ▀▄▀

The Ideas
These are all have plenty of room to build on or alter and I’m more then happy to hear your own ideas for RP’s you might be craving if you wanna RP with me, these are just some ideas I have to offer. If you have any questions just ask!

Into the Darkness:
This idea is a very raw idea that has to do with a college student(eighteen at the youngest) and their Professor. Though a series of unfortunate events the Professors gets dragged into the dark world that the student lives in outside campus. Be it the student is an Mafia member/hitman or woman. Though on a supernatural twist they could be something like a Vampire or werewolf. This idea has a lot of room to tinker like all my other ideas.

Some Things Better Forgotten:
This idea has plenty of room to be built on. This one has to do with two childhood friends these two were always side by side until one day, one of them went missing. The walls of their home painted with blood, furniture upturned and only thing left of a human being was a woman's hand. Many rumors flied around. They were part of an cult they said, their mother was sleeping around their fathers back with the wrong sort of men. They pissed off the Mafia. All sorts of stories and more flew around after that and just like that time moved on People forgot and those who didn't would say something in passing. Now it's been over eleven years since then, people have grown up and gone on with life. Though what will happen when the friend comes back, but their new life follows them. A Hitman/woman, an assassin who unknowingly dragged their old childhood friend into their world because of the selfish act of wanting to see them just one more time. Now someone not of this life is dragged into the world of cold blooded killers, black markets and the life of crime. Of crooked cops and people who would happily skin you alive.

(this can also take a paranormal or supernatural twist if preferred.)

Crimson Skies: (Taken!)
Everyone has heard of the tales of the kindly princess being swept off her feet by the dashing Pirate; A tale as tired and as old as any tale. Though has anyone ever heard the tale of a Pirate Queen to be, and the Prince her crew took under the royal guards’ nose? To capture the crown prince in the capital, a foolish task, but one she never turned down, though was this for money, fame, maybe all the above? A tale that nothing is as it seems; of truths hidden in shadows, of conspiracies boiling bellow the surfaces. Of wars and peace that sprung from this event. Of rebels and loyalist. Of their many adventures beyond his borders. Though the one thing the hands of fate could not touch, could hold in its stone like grip, was the spreading shadows from times past, a darkness once thought shackled, let loose on the world once more. Though how this tale will end? Even the fates don't know.
(this is a really old idea of mine and I have a character in mind for the Pirate "Queen" Though I also have a male character that would fit nicely with the pirate role as well.)
This can be anything from realistic, to space pirates to even a steampunk world with air ships and such.

The Red Paved Road:
“I’m pretty sure we were supposed to take a left back there….”
So, this idea hit me a while back and I finally have time to put it down. It’s pulled from an old group ideas that I had to scrap for lack of time a year or two back. So anyways on with idea. {Pretty sure you all are tired of my rambling already.} So again this is another one I wasn’t real sure how to write it as a nice summery. The basic idea is a travel RP of sorts. Either a road trip as the title suggests, or it can be a travel around the world idea. Though as usual it has a twist to it. This idea has many variations to it. If it’s a road trip it can include very persistent serial killer(s). Modern

If we take an supernatural twist it can include a few different tweaks, though one idea is of course sort of inspired a little by the concept of Supernatural, the show by having the characters travel around taking out monsters as hunters, and can evolve into all out hell~.

Another twist from the very original drawing board of this idea is sort of that the characters were science experiments created by secret labs to be super-soldiers or a new form of humans to use as weapons or even labor. Though they (and possibly more) were sort of “liberated” from the labs when they were young, by the more sympathetic scientists and raised as their children. So when they start out on the trip, which this idea fits better as around the world sort of trip, they are suddenly under the radar and have to fight and run for their freedom…So this might be sort of Sci-fi if I think about it. It can be futuristic even.
✺ The Thin Line
So this idea actually has a lot to do with an old Idea i had where a criminal is enlisted to help a Detective solve cases when a series of serial murders come about. Though through out this partnership (and possible budding romance) the Detective (or federal agent) is struggling with the darker impulses inside. This idea was originally a modern fantasy idea where the pressure added on was that someone was trying to weaken the vale that separated the mythical world from the human one. The only thing that kept the two worlds from praying on each other once again. This can be build on more as well or be made into a modern thing or Victorian era like Sherlock Holmes. That can even be made into a steampunk-ey sort of world.

The Veil:
“How are you his Grandchild?....Hey! Don’t tou-!…We’re doomed…”

So this I sort of pulled from a mix of two old rp’s. The premise is that a family line have for generations serve as guardians to the Veil that separate the Humans from the realm that holds all sort of creatures of legend and even those lost to the human tongue. The powers are passed from Grandparent to Grandchild as well as taught the skills of the trade, they letting the child live a normal life with their parents, and not telling them the true purpose of the ‘odd’ visits with their grandparents every week. They are drafted into the family ‘business’ when they turn eighteen. (In cases when there have been more than one grandchild that hold the ‘promise’ to be a Guardian one of the children can go on to pursue whatever career they want or work as a second Guardian.) As well as given their Familiar of sorts

I use the word familiar because I’m not really sure what else to call the sort of partnership. They are sort of the servant, guard, and teacher all in one, sort of like witch or warlock’s familiar. They are supernatural or mythical creatures typically. If you choose to play the familiar you can have creative liberties.

They act as a sort of guide and guard to the new ‘Guardian’, especially on the other side of the veil. Also many forces have been known to try and break the Guardian line to keep there from being a protection from the veil being destroyed. (History of this will be elaborated a bit more on the Guardian tag.) So often the new Guardians need to be protected in a few cases as they learn to use their new powers and come into their skills (and the awesome gadgets!...What? I like gadgets…) though in many cases they are seen in being a form of servitude, and some Familiars of past have been known to act as, or forced to be in the past. Their final part of the job, which is not always true in all cases is that they help train and teach the Guardian further after they are no longer their Grandparents student.

A Familiar is usually either persuaded, forced (by repaying a debt or spared a harsh sentencing) or tricked by a previous guardian. (99% of the time the Grandparent of the new Guardian.) Signing a blood contract that seals them in their role to the new Guardian. If you want to play the Familiar I’ll of course give you creative liberty, this is just how I had their lot thought out/what a lot of the other species and creatures on the other side of the veil think they are. They are pretty much their partner in crime, if not rather begrudgingly so at times.
Since I explained what a Familiar was, I should explain what a Guardian is? I swear this got a bit longer then I expected…

They were once a secret order, many family lines that derived from the race that created the veil separating the human race from the other races. Why has been debated for generations. Some say that the races were separated because the human race was being hunted into extinction by the other races that would hunt them for game, or developed a taste for. While others say that the Humans were destructive creatures that abused their neighbors, and destroyed the land around them. Though either way the result was the same, the humans were separated into realm all their own.

The race the Guardian families derived from were often mistaken for Witches and Wizards for their affinities with the Arcane arts, but unlike them they were born with a connection with the energies that hold the world together, and able to manipulate realties. Though the Guardians powers have been diluted a great deal by mingling of human blood, so now they can no longer create and manipulate realities, though they do have powers of many forms that improve with practice, and some forms they are just born with the affinity for. {Be it casting spells from books, manipulating elements, Psychic abilities like mind reading, telepathy or telekinesis, again something that you have creative liberty if you want to play the Guardian.} Though the powers are often locked away or at least dampen until their final lesson on their eighteenth birthday. (though some receive their titles latter then others)

Guardians now also use gadgets and tools created by Guardians before them as well as created by their allies that are hidden from human eyes or on the other side of the Veil.

Their job is to protect both sides of the Veil and to keep it in one piece. Let alone keep old artefacts under lock and key and out of the wrong hands. (Sort of took that last part from the Librarian movies. XD…I love Excalibur!)

✺ An

So this idea that hit me I got to admit it's a good deal romance, but also it has intrigue, war and all sorts of things. It's an Idea that has arrange marriages for the good of two countries, but it's never that easy when you have rebel who want to overthrow their king/Queen, conspiring courts who are not fond of the idea of making alliances with a foreign power, let alone allowing them into the Royal family. Worst of all this alliance might be too late, for the world is in turmoil and war is just on the horizon. Can a untied force and an unlikely match stop two kingdoms from crumbling or will they crumble under the wave of a foreign force? It's a rough idea we can change things and build on.

✺ I also had another idea that has to do with a cursed dorm house. What are people supposed to do when college students and professors are going missing and turning up ritualistically killed if at all? There is one dorm house on campus that everyone hears of their freshmen semester. Of it being haunted, cursed even in the worst stories. Most take it as just that a story If only they were so lucky.

This is a campus full of all sort of supernatural creatures, demons, witches, and more than a few crazy cultist running around. This is a very bare bone idea.

✺ I really like the idea of a dark twist on Alice in Wonderland/Beyond the Looking Glass, possibly with a modern twist. I’m sort of thinking of an all grown up Alice or her great grandchild and Wonderland starting to bleed into their world.

✺ The example I showed is also up for grabs, the base plot at least. It set in the Victorian Era with demons, assassins, duties to the crown and so on and some such. It depends on which aspect we would want to concentrate on if not it all.

▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ ▀▄▀

✺-What I'm Looking For in a Partner-✺
- I'd really love Someone who is Advance or higher. You can find an example of my writing in my resume, but if you want another example I can readily supply it.
- Again I'd perfer another grown up please. (As I always say I need an aduiltier adult since I'm not so good at aduilting.)
- I'd love a fellow plotter, someone who likes to discuss ideas and bounce around ideas to make the story even better or to torture our characters more.
- Also I'd love someone who's actually read this, so if you did please put a smiley face somewhere.

I think that's about it so please send me a PM if you are interested or if you have any questions!​
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I would love :amish: to do a role play with you. I like the Alice in wonderland Idea, the arranged marriage Idea, I like the idea of the campus being cursed and people dying ritualistically and such. I like the idea of the Victorian era based one with demons and assassins and such. I noticed you said some one adult to role play with, I am 18, but I am just recently 18, I don;t know if that matters to you. I don't have a response example, but I normally post a few paragraphs...or in most cases, one really long one haha..I had a role play a few years back where it was literally like telling a story and each post was like a novel and I loved it and it made my heart sing and I have been looking for someone I could have that kind of role play with again. I do sometimes get writers block and often get distracted with life, but more than always I will reply more than once a day. You can go check out what I have on my role play resume if you would like, I did;t really go too into depth about anything on it though, so if you have any questions please let me know. I will let you know right off the bat that as I do not mind the dark and creepy and such, I don't do rape or anything dealing with a child in a sexual way...so if after alllll of that you would like to role play with me I would greatly appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you. TATA.

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In digging your ideas, and have sent you a pm :)

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The "Some Things" rp sounds pretty interesting

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I would love to rp with you if your still free


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Oh wow! Thank you guys so much for the interest but I am sorry to say that my spots of taking on new Private Rps are currently full at the moment. I could only take on two, meaning I would have three with the one I had in the works before this search. So at this time considering the ambition i have with a group I'm in and a group I'm planning I can not in good conscious take on more. Though I thank you guys so much for taking interest! I honestly wasn't expecting anyone too.
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