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  1. Well as the title say I'm looking to do a few fandom roleplays. Its been a while since I tackled multiple roleplays at once but I think I'm ready to do that once again. Well.....I guess I've got nothing else to say except for my rules and fandoms I suppose. Yeah I'm not really good with these intros.


    1. I do have a job and a life outside of the internet. When it comes to posting I try to at least post once every one to two days. Might be three if I'm really busy. With that said try to post at least once every one to two days. I'll do my best to do the same. If something comes up to where I haven't replied in more than three days I will try to let you know. Please try to do the same.

    2. Even though I'm a guy and I prefer to play as a male I can play both female characters as well. I would like it if you too can play as both male and female.

    3. When it comes to length I'm not really picky. A paragraph is all that I ask for. If you can write more that's even better. No one-liners at all.

    4. If you're going to be gone for a while or you want to quit the roleplay please let me know. Don't just straight up ditch me. If you don't let me know anything within two to three weeks I will drop the roleplay. Also don't make us set up and get a roleplay ready and then you post a few times then just stop or don't post at all. This annoys me even more.

    5. When it comes to limits I don't mind cursing, violence or blood and gore. Be as fucking violent and gory as you want to be. When it comes to romance in a roleplay I always fade to black. I don't do yaoi or smut or and fendoms.

    6. Have fun.

    Fandoms I'm Craving

    Life Is Strange (Yeah I really really want to do a roleplay of this game.)

    Other Fandoms

    Infinite Stratos
    Red Vs. Blue
    Final Fantasy X or X-2
    Akame Ga Kill(The manga not the anime.)
    Lunar Silver Star Story
    Lunar II Eternal Blue

    I have more fandoms than this though I can't really think of anymore right now. If you have one that's not here let me know. I might have heard of it and might be interested. So if you're interested or have any questions for me let me know either by replying here or PM me.
  2. Can you PM me your idea on the RWBY plot please ^^
Thread Status:
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