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  1. EDIT: I think I've got enough for now, thanks!

    Hi! I'm looking for more RPs and I think 1x1's would be the perfect way to ease into it.

    My RPing style:
    -I reply at least one a day, but I'm usually on all day, so I'd prefer someone who can reply often.
    -I can type 1-2 paragraphs pretty easily, depending on the dialogue and content.
    -I'm more of a dominant roleplayer, so I like to take charge of the plot, but that doesn't mean you have to do everything I say!
    -I like fast-changing, flexible plots. If I think of a cool idea I might switch it up pretty quick. So I'd like to RP with someone who doesn't mind being flexible on the spot.

    What I like:
    -I looooove romance in my RP's. Not romance as in love so much, but more like sexual, exciting things with tension and heartbreak.
    -I don't mind reading or writing violent/sexual topics, and I'd prefer someone who doesn't mind smut.
    -I don't really like fantasy RPs or anything in the past. I like modern, realistic ones more.

    Topic ideas:
    -Kidnapper/kidnapped! Whether the kidnapper is crazy and murderous, or the two fall for each other, I just like the idea.
    -On the run! I like this idea because the characters must count on each other and the surroundings are constantly changing. Also, danger c:<
    -Basically, anything with sex and danger! I like having my character kissing girls and punching dudes out sometimes. Fun stuff.
    We can hash out the topic in messages.

    I'd like the RP in messages, by the way, threads are too public for me.

    Send me a message if you're interested!
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  2. Hello, I'm very interested on rp with you. I'm perfectly fine with not being dominant saying I'm more submissive.
  3. At the top of my post it actually says I've got too many roleplays already, sorry!
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