Looking for a female for a partially built world and character...

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  1. Alright, I have a built world already... It's low fantasy but well flushed out for the most part. Should you really care I have a novella I wrote that I would be happy to share. For now know that I am looking for a partner to play a specific female from that world. The woman who saved my character's life in a way... Though she dies... Much later than when this would begin. If we decide we like this I have another woman in his life, another one who steals his steel heart. I ask that you be willing to work with me, the woman is mainly open beyond her name and general personality.

    Broken mind
    Low fantasy
    Sex when appropriate

    Pm me if you wish to know more! The world is too massive to explain here without wall of text... Plus I dont really want people to steal my general idea... >.> I may eventually write a book off this.
    Massive amounts of death
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.