Looking for a Female for a furry roleplay

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  1. Hey, looking for a lady to play a character for me, and then brainstorm up a plot.

    Looking for someone to play this fine woman (open)

    1. I need someone who can write up to 3 paragraphs at least, I won't accept less quality.

    2. This will be MxF only, my character will be human of some sort

    3. The picture is the only thing I desire, you may choose any other characteristics for this character, name, personality, abilities, backstory, you name it.

    4. I hate people who disappear, please don't do it, if you lose interest then say so. If real life is being a massive massive bitch, don't leave me in the dark, keep me in the loop.

    5. More plot then sex, most of the time, but I also do enjoy an even 50/50, it's largely up to you, but I don't do more sex then plot.

    6. I prefer PM's over threads, as the website tends to sometimes fail to notify me of thread posts.

    7. Fantasy please, fantasy only. There are no modern roleplays with me ever

    Now, if anyone is interested in playing this fine tiger lady, let me know via PM please...
  2. I'm interested!
  3. your resume says you're not interested in furries so...I'm kinda confused
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  4. I haven't updated that thing in a while lol sorry x3 but I'm interested. I'll go update my resume
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