Looking for a F vampire lord for an elder scrolls RP

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  1. The following is the rough outline for a story I have in mind set in Skyrim, but considering this is an RP with two people I'm open to suggestions.

    okay so, my idea is that I'll play a necromancer holed up in Labyrinthian trying to bring his dead love back to life, then one night a vampire enters the scene.
    I don't really care how they meet/team up, that could be solely depending on the personality and lifestyle of the vampire or on any other multitude of reasons. The point is, they get together.
    For a while they "live" together in Lost Valkygg, in labyrinthian, until the necromancer gives up his pursuit of returning his love in exchange for the pursuit of power and knowledge.

    I always liked the idea of the vampire corrupting him over time, driving him away from his original goal so that he unwittingly serves her ultimate desire. Again, this can be changed depending on how you play the part, for all I know she drives him away because of her lust for him, her desire to see him ultimately suffer, because she finds it funny to see mortals fail, perhaps she does it because she wants him to love her, ... whatever the reason the result is that he now ends up on a different path.

    In time they begin to build up an army in the old city of Bromjunaar; the necromancer finds new and and more efficient to raise the dead adding to his growing legion as well as acquire a following of fellow necromancers who aid him in his quest. While the vampire calls upon her dark brethren and vampiric thralls to bolster the ranks of their ever increasing army even more.
    In time Labyrinthian begins to regain its former glory as necromancers, vampires and other undead begin to turn the old ruin into a bustling city of evil and death. Eventually, when time is right, the undead legion assaults Hjaalmarch, The pale and Whiterun hold taking over Morthal as well as smaller settlements and several forts.

    As both their power and influence in Skyrim grows, the necromancer and the vampire begin to struggle for dominance within their newly created "nation". The reason for this is again depending on the situation, the personality of the two, their backgrounds, etc... the result is a small civil war within Bromjunaar between the vampires and the necromancers, weakening them in the middle of their war against the living. This gives the other holds in Skyrim as well as the legion an opportunity to create a counter offensive slowly driving the undead menace back.

    As the war seems more and more lost, the vampire and necromancer settle their differences and hole up in Labyrinthian. Slowly but surely their once powerful army begins to crumble due to desertion and losses in battle until only the original necromancer and vampire remain to ward off the full force of Skyrim with nothing but their own mustered force of undead and thralls.

    Their opponents eventually break through and despite a heated battle in their own freshly created throne room, they both die at the hands of the empire, their dreams, goals and lust for power dying with them.
  2. Hmm.. I think it's fair to say I'm interested in this. I think I'd really enjoy playing the vampire lord, and I think you've got some really cool ideas in there.

    However, I don't know how I feel about having the entire story mapped out before even starting. The initial meeting and motives I can get behind, but while it's always good to have a plot frame in mind to keep things from dragging or stopping completely, I'm not sure I like having already decided 'they form an army, split, then die at the end' before creating the characters.

    So basically, I guess I'm saying I really like the setting, but prefer plots to grow more organically than what you've got laid out? If you want to keep it the way it is I understand, but for me it needs more freedom.

    So let me know what you think about that - because hell, I'm always down for a Skyrim RP!
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  3. It's a rough outline and a mere example. If you want to do something else, we do something else. To be honest, I just wanted an RP mainly focusing on the interactions between a vampire and a necromancer and I kinda let myself go a little overboard with the story outline.
  4. Ah okay, I see! To be clear I haven't got any problems with the story itself - in fact, that'd be something I'd read! I've also got no problem with the story going that way, if that's the way it goes by itself. It's just about... Letting things pan out, or something like that.

    In that case, consider me on board!
  5. Great, two questions though; which do you prefer: Creating a short character sheet so each player has a baseline to work with right out of the gates, or simply describing your character completely in the RP itself much like the way they do in a regular novel?

    Do you want to start of with the beginning of the outline and see where it goes or do you want to create a new start for the characters?
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  6. I wouldn't mind character sheets, but only insofar as basic information like name, age and some sort of general description/picture of appearance. I like to flesh out everything else during the RP itself when I can.

    And the beginning of the outline sounds good to me! I think it's a great place to start, and then let's just see where it heads to from there. :)
  7. Alright, perfect, I'll create a short sheet, send it to you and create the main thread.
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