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  1. Hi y'all. So, it's kinda been a while since I've last been on here (okay, like 6 months because yay real life being stupid), so I'm on a hunt for new roleplay partners.

    I'm not a super fast roleplayer; generally I post once every 2-3 days. Depending on my schedule, I may be slower or faster, but I do attempt to at least post once a week. I do my best to not drop roleplays without warning, but sometimes real life does get in the way (I have a lot of health issues that can interfere with roleplaying at times and make it hard for me to notify you of my disappearance); so if I do disappear, I swear I don't hate you or anything, real life is just being mean to me.

    I really only play male/male pairings; it's the only thing I'm comfortable with. I have a strong preference for playing submissive characters, but if you really want me to I could also play a switch. Purely dominant characters don't work for me, I don't enjoy playing them.

    I prefer posts about 1-3 paragraphs long; sometimes I'll post more or less, so I'm not super picky. My main things are that I just ask you to give me stuff to be able to respond to. Also, I kinda have a pet peeve about people skipping through a bunch of actions at once in a roleplay, so I'd rather you have a shorter post with a character doing 2-3 things than a super long post with a character accomplishing everything under the sun and more.

    Right now, I'm not looking for a ton of partners, probably about 2 or 3 at the most, just so that it's a little easier for me to keep on top of things.

    As for sort of plot bunnies I'm interested in, well, here's a list.

    -BDSM // I love anything along the general lines of it, the heavier the better. I really like exploring 24/7 dom/sub relationships, and kinda unexpected doms/subs (like, ceo of a famous company is a sub for one of the secretaries or something)

    -Historical // Whether it's victorian era, or medieval, or ancient, I love any sort of historical setting, especially if it's a nobility/peasant pairing. I do prefer kinda AU history, just because if it's set in a specific time period of earth I get obsessive about getting the actual facts correct XD

    -Xenobiology // aka fancy speak for aliens and tentacles. If it's not human biology, I like it. Not that human biology is bad x3

    There's not a ton of stuff I'm not into, but here are the few things I won't roleplay:

    -MF or FF // Just not within my interests range.

    -Rape/Dubcon // Super uncomfortable with rape, and not particularly comfortable with dubcon either. I like everything to be 100% consensual, or at least for us to establish in the roleplay that the characters are in a consensual relationship. The dubcon thingy is a little weaker for master/slave relationships and occasionally I'm willing to do a bit of dubcon there, but I prefer for us to establish at least in OOC that the characters are consenting to it.

    -Scat/Watersports // No thank you, just not within my interests range. Watersports is a little bit of a softer limit for me, and I may be okay with it if we discuss it before putting it into our roleplay.

    And finally, for some basic sort of plotbunny ideas I am craving to play out :33 My preferred role has an asterisk next to it.

    -Vampire/Thrall* // I love the idea of vampire thralls (blood slaves), especially if the relationship starts off with the thrall not knowing their partner is a vampire. I would definitely like blood kink, s/m, and Dom/sub involved here. Bonus points for bondage, xenobiology, or anything else really x3

    -Military Commander*/Slave // In which the commander is the submissive character and the slave is the dominant one. Bonus points for painplay, and for a historical setting (such as something along the lines of ancient rome/ancient egypt AUs).

    So yeah, if anyone's interested, just post here or shoot me a PM :33

  2. I'm interested in that BDSM plot.
    The idea of CEO x secretary is hot. That would be nice to try.
  3. I'll PM you :33
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