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  1. Good Evening:

    I am looking for a butler, possibly a maid though preferably a butler to help me with day to day activities. He must be able to cook, clean, and must be very strong. He also must be well versed in self-defense. If he does not have those four attributes than I am afraid I cannot hire him.

    If you think you can fill the position then please fill out the form below and post it here.

    Isabel Monroe.

    Alrighty, as the lady said, I wanted to try a bit of a... master role and found an interesting character that filled this role. If you want a character sheet of her, I'll get it to you as soon as I can, but if not then just fill this little sheet out or message me if you want to start plotting. :)

    The Form

  2. Name: Simply known as Jack.
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
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    Personality: Jack is a devious sort. He hides his emotions well and can serve his hated master with a smile. Cold, composed, and calculating. He is always seeking something. Under his mask lies something weaker. Broken, hurt, and injured. But by hiding, blending, and adapting to his masters. No one will ever notice. The only facade shown is a strong, loyal, and utterly dedicated servant who will obey any order.
    History(optional): His early past is hidden. His employers only know of his impeccable service record. He has gained quite the reputation across different manors and holdings for his quick wit and wonderful skill. Although he was proposed to many times, he had refused to all of them, no matter how rich they may be. The only reason he moves from house to house is because the masters slowly began to hate his plastic smile, and all their attempts to completely control him. Yet everyone tries to hire him for his skills in cooking, cleaning, management, strength of character and body, and skills to protect masters. Rumors often speculate him to be a secret agent or assassin. He is no such thing. Jack is only a butler. A servant to a master.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.