Looking for a buddy!

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  1. Hello friends! I am looking for some awesome people to do some one X one with. I am really excited to get some started!

    What I am looking for:

    I am looking for some sweet new original roleplay ideas! I do fandom on the rare occasion, only if the plot has nothing to do with the main characters of the book/movie/whatever.

    For genres, I like fantasy and modern the most. I also really enjoy a good medieval roleplay here and there.

    Characters? Well, I tend to play female characters, because I am not a man. I have no idea how one thinks so I feel I can't play them with any depth, which drives me up a wall when I can't play characters with some sort of change.

    I love romance. It always gives the plot a certain spice to it. I play heterosexual romances. (Nothing against homosexual but it's just not for me) My favorite kind of relationship in a roleplay is when a bad guy falls in love with a good girl. The tension! Ah! It makes me so happy!

    Anyways! That's all I have to say for now! Pm me or reply if you are interested. If you have any questions, look at my resumes or just ask! Can't wait to hear from you!
  2. My curiosity has been struck. :P
  3. YAY FOR PEOPLE! You have any ideas of what you want to do?
  4. Hmm well. I want a vampire rp. Wether it's modern or kingdom. It's fine by me ^^
  5. Sweet!

    Hmmmmmm.....lets do a medieval one if you want to do a vampire roleplay. Modern day would make me want to compare you in character to the vampires in the book-that-shall-not-be-named and we do not want that. I have to go attend a class in a couple of minutes, but I will be on later. While I do that, I will be thinking of plot and things. Can you try to think of some reason my character would seek out or run into your character?
  6. I have an awesome idea. You ready for this? The bad guy/good girl thing set in..... READY!? Medieval times. I'm sure it is possible =P
  7. Yeah! Sure! Do you have any ideas?
  8. Well that was a stupid question. I mean do you have some sort of plot idea to go with the pairing?
  9. ooooh im intrested. Mabey ex lovers?
  10. Okay so now apparently multiple people are interested ._. >.< LOL You have got your hands pretty full decadent ^^
  11. I don't mind having multiple people to roleplay with. Gotta share the love with everyone!
  12. Any new people interested?