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  1. Hi im luna and im looking for a partner who will play a dominant bad boy character in an rp im starting.

    plot: An 18 year old girl who dosnt let anyone in her life and hides behind her camera lens is finally starting her life in a new city. New York. But things arent going so well, her job is boring and life in the city isnt as interesting as everyone had led her to believe. Until she meets a mystery man at a business party. he's handsome, dangerous and somehow involved in her line of work... who is he and will he be her key to unlocking the secret night life of New York city.

    the character i will be playing:

    Name: Eva lorrenia
    Age: 18
    Job: works for 'New York Times' the news paper. as a photographer.
    Bio: grew up in a small town always hoping to move to the big apple and be a famous photographer for a newspaper. i finally got my chance and im not going to let anything stand in my way.
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  3. Hm, I'm quite interested in this RP. ^_^
  4. Name | Sebastian Alexander-Grayson Harveys IV
    Nickname | Seb, Xander, Grayson, Thing 4 & Honey Bunch (unfortunately his mother calls him the latter two)
    Age | 22
    Occupation | Head Editor of New York Times
    History | He was born into a life of journalism. His father and mother, Sebastian Harveys III and Alexandrea Kipner, were journalist fanatics. Sebastian's grandfather was the owner of New York Times, and his son succeeded him. Sebastian III was the editor of New York Times while his father ran it. They drunk, slept, and ate journalism. And, when Sebastian III and Alexandrea married and had Sebastian IV, the married couple made certain that he was all about journalism.
    Despite growing up under the expectations of being a journalist, Seb was not into the area of journalism. His heart belonged to music. But, his father was just not having it. In the end, Sebastian IV double-majored in journalism and music, minored in computer science, and he since then has always been rebellious.
    Sebastian IV has always had a soft spot for his mother, and nothing else. So, when his father--as he is now owner--requested that he take the editor position in NYT and Seb refused, Alexandrea pleaded to her son that it would be a honor and that it would make her quite content. Thus, the reason why Sebastian Harveys IV is trapped in the world of black and white print.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.