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Hey. I'm OntosChalmer, but well, you can call me Ontos. I'm an RPer who's been effectively retired for 1 or 2 years (though I am playing 2 Pathfinder Tabletop games, and a D&D 5th Edition game at the moment), but I'm hoping to get back into the game soon with 1 or 2 1x1s.

A few things about myself.

1. I'm GMT +8, and I stick to semi-sane timings for myself on the weekdays. I really like chatting about world-building, and other things.

2. I'm a gamer. Not hardcore, but I can discuss games and some of the issues surrounding game design at length. If you like to do the same, we'll fit right in.

3. I'm not a smut person, but I don't mind getting some practice. I prefer FxF or MxF pairings myself.

Currently, there's one particular story I really, really want to do.

Your character: A female character, presumably skilled in some form of fighting.

My character: An FTM transgender undead character.

The undead in this setting control parts of the known world, but most of them are mindless and only holding territory previously conquered by a long defeated and dead necromancer. Your character is hired for a secret mission, and my character serves as her guide.

Further world details can be built by further discussion between you and I.

If you're not up for that first plot, we can always do discussions of some sort. Contact me by skype (lolkogmaw) if you wish to discuss a plot, or the above one I've stated.
Not open for further replies.