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  1. Here are my main expectations:

    I tend to write long paragraphs and I’d like for my partner to write at the very least one to two paragraphs with decent grammar and punctuation and character depth. I'm not asking you to be perfect, I'm not either (far from it xD). Just give me something to work with, otherwise chances are I’ll just end up give up at one point.

    I’d rather take quality over quantity, so no pressure to write daily, especially since I probably won’t do it either. I have this annoying thing called a job that sometimes let me very little free time but if that happen, I’ll catch up during the week end. So I should post at least once or twice a week.

    I prefer playing girls because I’m better at it, but I might try playing as a male some day.

    I like dark settings, drama and rivalries and I’d take edgy other sweet and interesting over cute any day.

    Romances are a plus when well done but need to have something engaging about it (like an interesting dynamic, an unrequited one…). A romance shouldn't feel contrived but be a natural evolution of the characters’ feelings and part of the story.

    Things I'm most interested in doing at the moment:

    scenarios (open)

    Vampire the Masquerade : A game of mirrors

    A newly born vampire (that would be me) is competing for the attention (and affection) of her autocratic sire, an old and powerful Ventrue archon, with his other Childe, not that much older than her but more used to the court's politics. As their sire's favorite amusement is to pit his progeny one against the other, taking a perverse pleasure in turning them against each other and holding out punishment for any failures, things get even more complicated as they came into possession of a letter claiming that their Sire is a sham, and that leaking this information would get them into trouble. What are they going to do about this new information? Can they unveil the archon's false identity? Will he find out about it and try to stop them? What is his real identity and what are his goals? And finally, who is the mysterious informer?

    I don’t have fandoms/pairings or ships, but there are universes I really like and am most comfortable role-playing in:

    Medieval Fantasy:
    • Dragon Age ++
    • Arthurian legend ++
    • Lord of the Rings +
    • Warhammer +
    • Vampire the Masquerade +++
    • The walking dead +++
    • Silent Hill ++
    Modern Fantasy:
    • The Chronicles of Amber +++
    • True Blood +
    • Harry Potter +
    • Mass Effect +
    • Cyberpunk +
    • Star Wars +
    Modern times/historical:
    • American football +
    • Regency/Victorian era ++
    • Egyptian era +
    • Roman era +
    • European medieval era (France especially, Favorite period: 13th and 14th centuries with the Accursed Kings ). ++
  2. You ought to PM me if you're still looking for an RP partner, I think we would write well with one another!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.