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  1. About MeHello I'm abalint, most people call me either Aba or Lint. Either is fine by me. I'm a total nerd who loves anime, cartoons, comics, movies, TV shows, and everything else. I will rp with under 18, but no smut. I reply within 2 days usually and will tell you otherwise. Well on to plots!

    My Plots (open)


    I was thinking that the setting would be modern day. The two run into each other at a local bar for magical folks, hit it off and such. They start getting along well, until there's a fight and the two have to defend themselves... the only problem, MC is a blood-witch and the only way to cast spells is by using their blood.
    Last Airbender and Legend of Korra
    It's been over two centuries after Korra and several avatars have taken up the responsibility, but as technology has grown more powerful, the need for benders has declined [specifically the Avatar]. Now the current avatar is more of a legend, choosing to hide away as the world changes on its own. For some time the power of the avatar is unneeded and so the avatar has drifted into obscurity.

    Not only has the avatar grown in obscurity, but there is a new science that has everyone raving...gene splicing. This new technology has allowed non-benders to give birth to benders with the help of genetic splicing and in some cases allowed benders to grow more powerful than ever. The only problem is that this splicing is extremely dangerous and in most cases lethal, which is why the government has prohibited it.

    New test subjects are being found every day and more and more young people are splicing their genes. This has arisen to a new phenomena that only a few know of, dual-benders. These benders have the ability to control two elements and are extremely powerful and dangerous. The worst part, their spirit is slowly dying which drives them insane. As more splicers appear, the more dangerous the regular world has become.

    In the midst of this new world-order, the scientists have been playing 'God' and feel entitled to more than what they have. A secret underground network has taken over the black-market and almost everything illegal in the streets of Republic City and most of the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation. Even the Air Nomads are starting to be corrupted. The only place that hasn't been touched yet is the south pole, due to their self-sufficiency. But even now, their boarders are being attacked.

    It's time for the new avatar to take up the responsibility to stop the people of the world from destroying themselves, but no one knows who the avatar is let alone where to find them.
    Battle for the New World

    This is a world where spirits and humans live together. For many centuries both groups have co-existed. But as spirits are naturally shy, they began to separate themselves from the humans even going as far as to creating separate spaces specifically for spirits. Now spirits and humans live separately and most humans don't belive that they exist, rather they are things of legends and myth. While there are many people who know about spirits and their world, not many do anything about it. This is because a group called the Equalists act as mediators between spirits and humans. They combat evil spirits and humans who threaten to destroy sacred spaces specifically for spirits. These people maintain the balance in the world. Due to their small numbers they have been scattered around the world either working in pairs or alone. But due to human's abuse of the earth, spirits are starting to take back the world.

    Please just pm me with ideas as well! I'd be more than happy to throw ideas and plots around! Fandoms are welcomed, but I normally only use the setting of famdoms and make OCs.
  2. I may have some fandom's with ocs you may like.
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