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  1. Hello There!

    My name is Vasillisa. I am fairly new here, and I believe I am ready to start thinking about roleplaying. I prefer one x one RPs, but am willing to do small groups. I can usually post once a day to a few times a day on days that I work, and can be on for a while on days that I don't. I usually work during the day, so my posts will be in the evening or at night. I consider myself an intermediate roleplayer, but that is just my personal opinion. I can usually post at the least, a paragraph. I prefer quality of post rather than the size of them.

    I prefer my characters to be female, but I can do male as well. The sexuality of my characters doesn't really matter to me, unless I have a certain view on how the plot should pair them.

    The only bad thing about my writing is that is stronger in first-person, but I am working on strengthening my third person. It doesn't matter to me which P.O.V you write from, and I will write in whichever pleases my partner.

    I like RPs that include magick, light powers, light romance, and pets. I also have a thing for medieval times.

    I prefer with the plot to have equal control. I am the type of person who would message my partner to plan the plot while we post.

    My favorite genres are fantasy, modern fantasy, and sci-fi.

    A few different roleplays I would like to do (although you can throw any idea at me and I will consider it ) are Modern Vampire x Consort, Drakaina (I already have the first post and character bios written with this one, there is a flaw with it though), possibly something that is similar to the Claymore series, a huntress RP ( I already have a post written for this one), or a centaur RP.

    Another flaw I have is that I am not very good at writing the very first post, but after I have something to respond to, I can be very good.

    Thank you for your consideration. Feel free to message me anytime, or comment with anything you have to say.
  2. By Huntress RP do you mean like the unknown DC character, and I assume you don't. If not what do you mean, cause I may actually be interested.
  3. I'm not sure what you are describing there, so I'm gonna have to go with no. :P
    But it would pretty much be like a male hunter, except she would be a female. It is just a character I have been wanting to play. There really is no specific guidelines as to what I am wanting.
  4. I'm sorry i'm still a bit confused on what you mean by hunter, like someone who hunts monsters or just a regular everyday hunter. Im guessing its something like a monster hunter cause I would be interested in that.
  5. Honestly, the hunter thing was a general term. Monster hunters would be cool. Or a demon hunter. I've been itching to do something relevant to Claymore.
  6. I never actually seen Claymore, but demon/ monster hunters sounds fun.
  7. http://claymore.wikia.com/wiki/Claymore
    This is a good general explanation of them. It's only 26 episodes too. It doesn't have to be the characters from the show, we can change it a bit. If not, we can make up something new.
  8. Seems a little hard core, but I guess I was think along the lines of that.
  9. Totally up to you (:
  10. Well I didn't really have much of an idea in mind so i'm up for anything you want to do.
  11. Shall we message and throw some ideas together?
  12. Sounds good to me.
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