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  1. I'm looking to do a roleplay with someone with the basic plot being there's this girl (my character) and some unknown person has sent an assassin after her to kill her in any way possible. The only thing the girl knows about the assassin is that it's a boy (your character). The girl fears for the safety of her friends and family after a while, so she leaves town to try and escape the killer in a big city (probably Seattle or somewhere up there), to no avail. Eventually, after a close encounter, they begin to fall in love, against both of their intentions. Nothing's really planned out besides that, so :3

    It can be during any time period; medieval, futuristic, modern, whatever you want.

    The characters can be superhuman (like the bird-thing main characters from Maximum Ride, for example)

    I'm okay with sex and gore (if you can find a way to work gore in).

    We can do PM or public, whichever you want.

    Post here or PM me, I don't care which ^-^

  2. Can the guy come off as this insufferable prick/smug douchebag to everyone else while the girl thinks he is like the sweetest thing around? :O Not that this'll be my character for sure, it's just one of my ideas.
  3. Yeah, that'd be fine c:
  4. Darnit, I missed out by less than two hours. Do send a message my way if you need a partner for this plot in future ^.^
  5. Sorry, Ren D: I'll keep that in mind, though c:
  6. Are you still looking for someone?
  7. Not at the moment, sorry Atria D: