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Looking again

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Manna Beast, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. I ain't new here but OMG it has slowed down to a crawl on my end. Most of the rps i have been involved in either, died, failed or my partner decided to get up and leave without letting me know. Which frustrates me severely but can't help that factor.

    Anywho; Plot ideas generally elude me why? I like to see where things go rather than have an entire plotline set out. A bit of a understanding of what you want to do is good, but lets not plan out every second of every day. Cause that just gets uber boring.

    I've been desperately looking for a person who is and can post more than once every two weeks! If you are that person, please don't ask me to rp. I will get frustrated at you! I have been recently on an elitist rp forum and have now picked up the little trait of, if you don't response in like a week without letting me know something is going down or life has you by the giblets then I will drop you harder than a flying rock hard turn sliding down a mountain side!
    • I can and will post numerous times a day if I am interested enough
    • Seriously do not make me be the guy all the time. I am almost 90% the guy in most rps and this isn't remotely fair. The only way i will be the guy is if we do a duo plot. We each play a guy and girl. Sounds fair.
    • I love fantasy and magic! Read my resume and you'll get the gist of me X3
    • I will never post a single sentence. it isn't fair to you or myself to give you so little, generally the min i will post is about three paragraphs though i can post up to nine pages. be forewarned lol
    • I love story and not the perfect little rp, conflict is good. But not so much that you just are wondering what the hell is going on and your purpose.
    • The only fandom rps i do is Zelda or Fairy Tail based and that is without the real characters.
    • Elves are my love, I will almost every time play one or a demon. There is just something lovely about them
    • I NEVER use another artists art for my characters, believe it or not; that very little trait is insulting to the artist unless you ask their permission. I will always draw out my own and they are in anime style so if you don't like that, please don't get all grouchy at me. I love my art and i love to work with it.

    It may seem like a lot and perhaps it is, but i am direly looking for a good rp partner and friend!

    Please PM me, otherwise i may not see your response.