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  1. I am looking for people to RP with. I consider myself a decent writer but it depends on my partner. See the samples for an idea of my average posting length. I can do MxM, FxF, or MxF. I am open to almost any idea. My ideas are flexible and can be tweaked in lots of ways depending on the characters. Want to do a teacher/student with shapeshifter, sure. Want to do the beast/slave but don't want to be a slave, be thief instead. Feel free to use your imagination. I like the story to write itself so the plots are a little vague. Here are mine plots:
    Saving the Innocent
    Kidnapper/hostage- Character A is the son/daughter of a mob boss. A discovers that his/her father has become obsessed with Character B. Knowing how cruel his/her father can be A decides to kidnap Character B in order to save him/her.

    Getting Help
    Teacher/student- Character A is a student struggling (could be with problems at home, drugs, bullying, grades, ect) A reaches out to Character B who is one of his/her teachers.

    FBI Agent/Witness - Character A is a witness to a major crime. A is put into the witness protection program. character B is assigned to protect A.

    Searching the World
    Alien/human- Character A is an alien on a mission. He/she has been sent to find a cure for the mysterious illness that is killing his/her people. Character B is the human that finds A.

    When am I?
    Time traveler/person- Character A discovered a box. It seems like an ordinary box, but when A opens a bright light blinds A. When A can see again he/she finds himself/herself in another time and place with no idea how to get home.

    Someone is Watching Me
    Stoker/Victim- Character A is a man/woman possessed. He/she wants Character B but he/she knows he/she can't have B. So A stalks B.

    Taken to Sea
    Viking(Pirate0/captive- Character A is a Viking. He/she raids a village taking Character B as his/her captive.

    Help Me Through the Night
    Addict/lover- Character A is an addict (drugs, sex, gambling, alcohol, ect). B is their lover. He/She wants to help A overcome their addiction.

    Magical Journey
    Mage/slave- The King's daughter is hit by a mysterious illness. None of the healers in the land can tell him what it is or how to cure it. One day a prophet comes to the king and tells him there is one way to save his daughter. He must send a mage and a slave on a quest to acquire several items that can be use to heal the girl.

    I'm Not What I Seem
    Beast/slave- Character A is a beast with a quest. A needs to save is son/daughter from poachers. But A needs help to do it. A has no one he/she trusts so A buys Character B from the slave market.

    Lean on Me
    Abused/rescuer- Character A is minding their own business when a sound catches their attention. A follows the sound to where he/she finds Character B being abused.

    Supporting Each other
    Abused/abused- Character A has finally escaped his/her abuser. But A isn't sure that he/she is strong enough to make it on their own. When A meets Character B they discover that they have a lot in common. They are both survivors. They decided to support each other.

    Beyond the Monster
    Beauty/Beast- Character A has been cursed by a witch to look like a beast. Character B has been sent to the castle to met with A thinking he/she is a regular person. What will happen when B finds out the truth?

    What Have We Done?
    Accidental family- Two single parents (this is optional) go to Los Vegas for an adult get away. One night they get drunk. When they wake up the next morning they discover that not only are they not alone in the bed. They decide what stays in Los Vegas should stay in Los Vegas. Atleast that was the agreement they reached until one of them find a wedding certificate. Neither of them (again optional) believes in divorce. So they decide to see if they can make their new marriage work.

    Something More
    Stripper/Normal- Character A is a stripper (or prostitute). He/She started as a way to support themselves. Now they are looking for a way out of the business. Character B is a regular person (client or club member) that is willing to help character A.

    Waking Without Memories
    Sleeping beauty- A spell has been placed on Character A. No one seems to know how or why. When Character B kisses him/her A wakes up he/she can't remember anything.

    Bound Together
    Shapeshifter/human - Character A is a human that finds cat/dog. The animal has obviously been abused and neglected. When A takes it home and cares for him/her. The cat/dog turns into Character B. The two are now bound.

    The Woods
    Red Riding Hood- Character A is walking through the woods. A feels like someone is watching and following him/her. A catches a glimpse of something that doesn't look quite human. Character B has been living in the woods for years.

    Curse into ...
    Character A was at a flea market one day when A found _______ that A felt drawn to. So they bought it, taking it home with them and not thinking much of it. Until the next morning when A comes out of the shower and finds B lounging on her bed, flipping through one of their books as if everything was normal. Of course A freaks out. Turns out that B is a cursed being bound to the ____________ that A purchased and now B is bound to A.

    Pet Sitter- Character A is a pet sitter, who loves animals. A gets a call saying he/she is looking after a pet for the evening. When A arrives at the appointed apartment, A doesn’t see any signs of a pet. Until A looks in the bedroom where he/she finds B tied to the bed, wearing a collar.

    After Neverland
    Peter Pan- Two kids go to Neverland. They spend a couple of years together having adventures. One day the kids go back to Earth to see what has changed. Character A decides to stay but Character B decides to return to Neverland. Years pass. Curious about their old friend Character B decided to check in on Character A.

    Where on Earth did you find him/her
    Traveler/lost person-character A is going to visit his family.(maybe for the holidays) on his way he comes across character B. Character B looks like a wild man because he has been living in the woods for awhile. He was in an accident and cant remember who he is or where he belongs so Character A takes him home with him.

    Together We are Unfeatable
    Soul Eater- A miester and a weapon have been assigned to work together. They have to learn how function as a team so that they can complete their assignments and become stronger.(OC only)

    Got to Catch Them All
    Pokémon- Two pokemon trainers are just starting out. They have received their starter pokemon and are ready to start exploring the world. They decide to travel together.(OC only)

    Military/civilian- A and B dated in high school. A joined the military right after college without telling B. After ___ years A gets injured in battle. A was sent home to heal. Shortly after A arrives he/she runs into B.
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  2. Hello, I'm up for almost anything. PM if interested.
  3. New plot added.
  4. All of these seem really interesting! Would you like me to pm you so we can discuss it?
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  5. I would love to do your Getting Help plot
  6. all caught up
  7. Either 11, 12, or 14 seem interesting.
  8. [​IMG]Merry Christmas to those celebrating
  9. I'm interested in #8
  10. lost some so I have openings.
  11. Looking for one-on-one also, i'm from Australia.
  12. Interested in #13 and also possibly #17 if I may make a few slight adjustments?
  13. I'm interested in number 1.
  14. Starting the new year looking for we partners.
  15. Can we do 3 but change the plot to Murderer x Detective? I sort of have my own little plot going for that one.
  16. Can I do 1 or 9 with you? :)
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