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  1. Hello, I'm looking for roleplay partners again. I've been out of the game for a while, so I might need some time to adjust again. I'm looking for MxM roleplays, mostly slice of life? A bit fantasy and action here and there is very nice too!

    My "pls no" things are:
    • Non-con
    • Beastiality
    • Watersports
    • Selfharm
    • Extreme gore (like limbs coming off and shit)
    • Under age (so above the consent age of 16 is ok but prefer characters over 18)
    My "yes pls" things are:
    • Light bondage
    • Biting, scratching
    • Power dynamics
    • Light emotional abuse
    • Age difference (like 18 with 32 something)
    • Switching
    • Stockholm syndrome
    • Chocking
    • Bruises, bloody noses
    I used to be much more hardcore then this but well, things change. I don't have any characters at the ready right now but most pairing I always enjoy are:
    • Prince/Servant
    • Prince/Lord
    • Prince/Prostitute
    • Prostitute/Lord
    • Prostitute/King
    • Businessman/Drugsdealer
    • Businessman/College kid
    • Businessman/basically anybody needing money (sugar daddyish)
    Right now I'm out of ideas for any more pairings, but I am also fine with the romantic boy meets boy they fall in love stuff. I have a few plot ideas and if you want to know any of them, come to me. I most of the time play sub characters, being a sub myself this is what I'm most comfortable with, but I am able to play switches. So if you're a switch/Dom or don't care, message me and we'll talk!
  2. I'd be interested in doing either one of the last two parings ^^;
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.