looking a for fandom partner

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  1. currently im looking for a cross of a few fandoms which will be listed below if you dont know one of the books/movies dont worry about it we dont have to use it. i am looking for mxm but i can do mxf as well. any questions just ask me.

    THE LIST: in order of my cravings
    Divergent (and following books)
    The Fault in Our Stars
    Fifty Shades of Grey
    Peter Pan
    Hunger games

    again not all of these have to be used but i would like to mix and match some ideas
  2. Hunger games would be good. Would you be interested in a Cato/OC? It's ok if not.
  3. Which one was Cato? The hot blonde from one of the first two districts right? Hunger games if fine I would like to mix it up some with ideas from one or more other fandoms though
  4. Basically, yeah :) Either that or a Peeta/OC

    That sounds good, though I'm only familiar with 50 shades and the fault in our stars
  5. Basically With fault in our stars one of them would get cancer. Which ever you want.. Or both it doesn't matter to me I'm just bored as hell
  6. I totally read that wrong lol sorry
  7. Haha.

    Hunger games or FIOS, I don't mind. Whatever you like xD
  8. Wait... So you havent seen the four Disney movies I listed?? Wow I'm sorry but wow I grew up on Disney

    Incarceron is a living prison, the goal in that book was to escape

    And divergent was a fake post-apocalyptic society that was divided into five factions to keep the peace. Kinda like the hungergames districts but more focused on the characters of it's residence than anything else if your interested I can get into more detail the factions are a little difficult to explain I'll have to think over how to write it out for a minute. The books were good though and the movie was almost spot on
  9. FIOS? hunger games is fine id really like to do something with divergent either with you or whoever comes here next.

    But I'm totally fine with hungergames
  10. Whoah, Whoah, let's not be CRAZY. I love watching Disney, I just don't really like rp'ing it.

    And I watched a bit of Divergent but I couldn't finish it, I wasn't too keen.
  11. Book is always better
    So which ever. Let's get characters worked out and then add other stuff as we go