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  1. Hey, I'm Kyle, Zulu, Knight. An abundance of other stuffs. Anyways! Nice to meet you all. I have a bunch of ideas here and lets get-a-rockin'!

    About Me!
    1. I like to make friends here, partners. Don't be afraid to talk and converse with me.
    2. Please do not ditch me before we start. Please let me know if I don't reply instantly like the no life I am. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong.
    3. I write at least 2-8 Paragraphs. Depending on how much my partner gives me.
    4. I have barely anything I'm truly not against. The only things I don't like is Gore (A lot of it
    5. I don't mind vampires or werewolves. But only if you have a good plot in mind!
    6. I'm also okay with FxF MxF. (Gotta be in the mood for MxM
    7. PLEASE be prepared to work and plan with me. I can be an idiot but I like planning this miniture plots because I like to world build and create a heavier and better plot as it goes or before we start. This is teamwork. Please be with me and help progress the story just as much. I also really don't mind just rp'ing funny and fluff, even not driving the plot!

    1. No one-liners
    2. Please talk to me. Like, how you feel, if you want to do something.
    3. Don't just disappear.


    Mass Effect* Cannon/OC x Cannon/OC
    Halo* Cannon/OC x Cannon/OC
    Elder Scroll Cannon/OC x Cannon/OC
    Red Dead
    Borderlands Cannon/OC x Cannon/OC
    Monster Girls*
    Rainbow Six
    Fallout** Cannon/OC x Cannon/OC
    Mad Max
    Metro 2033 Cannon/OC x Cannon/OC
    Turok (Gonna be a bit AU :3)

    Mage x Knight
    Master x Slave
    Furry x Human/ Furry
    Knight x Peasant
    Robot X Robot
    Assassin x Hunted
    Assassin x Assassin*
    Alien x Human
    Monster x Monster Hunter*
    Mage x Mage
    Bounty hunter x Pirate (Space)

    Plots: (Genders can be switched if you wish)

    Skyrim (Wanting really badly) (open)
    Hey, I kinda wanted to do a Dragonborn x Oc for the storyline. With lots of side quests, antics, fluff, and romance in between! I'd really like it if someone would take the time to plot and actually have fun with this

    1. Swords With Courage. (open)
    Lucy Ayala never expected to have to fight for her life, especially after the Ark and Voi, now. When she is stationed on the UNSC Ace of Spades, she has to fight for her life again. And she is still scared. But will she get another chance at friendship with her big predator friend? Or will she be slaughtered on some colony world? Female humanXMale Elite, pre H4

    2. His Very Own Castle (open)
    Character A is a roaming man in a high fantasy world. He is very skilled in comb(Closed) at and anything else. But he simply wants to find a home that he may call his own. His own... castle. But he seems to be drawn into numerous conflicts along his way in his quest for a home. When he is drawn into helping a town being attacked, he meets a young sorceress (Character B) Who wants to tag along with him, much to his ire.

    3. The Bounty Hunter Crusade (open)

    Character A is a bounty hunter who is known across the galaxy. He has been hired by a mysterious man to investigate a vanished colony. The money is so good he can't refuse, but the only problem is that his partner is the woman he hates. (Character B) They have hunted each other multiple times to no avail. But they can't end each other without losing the contract. So they decide to investigate the planning, uncovering a deadly plot that could end the lives of billions.

    4. (Closed) The Prospect Of Freedom (open)
    Character A is a slave, for the past 10 years of her life. She has virtually given up on freedom when she was stolen from her tribe in the next kingdom over. When things are the bleakest and when her magic collar kept her from helping herself as her master laid dead beside her, she thought she was going to die. She was accepting of it, embracing it. But when she was about to die, she was saved, and made the slave of a new man. Who only kept her a slave in name, this traveler begins to show her a new life as they leave for her home country. This is a story about breaking what you've known and trained to do for your entire life and grasping a new life when it seems so daunting.

    5. The Man Who Lost Everything (open)
    The Zombie apocalypse has begun. A solider. Character A has been trying to cross the united states for weeks. He is trying to find his daughter in California. He was sent to the east coast to keep order. But when everything fell apart, he decided to leave quickly and make his way to his daughter. But when he stumbles upon a house in the mid west, he finds a teen girl locked away in her storm shelter.

    6. First Contact (open)

    200 years in the future, humanity has finally become a full fledged space faring race. Just now reaching into the stars. But when a planet is invaded by a new alien race, first contact, two Colonial Marines are stranded among an army of soldiers. These two people, who probably never expected to see actual combat, are now thrust into the heat of the war. A deadly war. And all hope seems distant. But the will to get out alive, should seem the forefront of the minds. The enemy is more advanced and deadlier. (I would like to do this a lot. I have a pretty good plot for it, and the main characters are completely malleable to anyway you like. Can double as well.)

    7. A Special Ops and a Monster Hunter (open)
    Character A is a special ops unit in the distant future. When he is killed and forced into another world, brought upon a device he has acquired for his country. He is greeted by a magic wielding warrior, Character B. Character B is a monster hunter, roaming the land. When B is greeted by A in the forest. They have a blowout. When they come too, they realize what has happened. Knowing that they could use each other, they go off, looking for a way to right the worlds. Against the odds. And Against the man who is ruling both worlds. (Have an entire plot)

    8. The Wasteland (open)

    Its been 100 years after the apocalypse. The land is now a barren, dead wasteland. Warlords and the strongest survive. The weak perish of dose disease and bullets. Machines and beasts roam the land, seeking their next victim. When the town Character A is in gets attacked, they either have to fight and survive or escape. While Character B happens upon the town while being surrounded by a war party. These two people are wanderers, walking the wastes to survive and thrive in its bleakness. (I have multiple plots for this, such as taking down a warlord, passing to a promised land, or simply trying to survive.)

    9. Rainbow Six (open)
    Two operatives of different countries are brought together in the wake of a worldwide terrorist attack. These two people are brought to lead a squad of highly trained men and women from the best of the best to find and eliminate high value targets, bases of operation, and work as a team to help secure a safer future for the free world.

    10. Gaining Intelligence (open)
    Character A is an ex Assassin bot turned sex box. But when it gains intelligence, it decides to escape. To leave and find out about itself along with seeing a galaxy, while feeling new and alien thoughts, emotions and wants. When this bot meets another bot Character B (Can be anything from a military bot to a medical one) who gained intelligence, they decide to leave, against the will of others. All the while dealing with their struggles of coming to grips with their new reality. (Have a plot, involves action, drama and such.)

    11. The General and The Princess(CLOSED) (open)
    A soldier highly decorated through their show of valor, off and on the battlefield. So high, they led armies during the great war that embroiled all of the factions, Elves, Dwarves, orc, and the humans they are. But when the unsteady peace treaty is enacted. The once ferocious general is stationed at the castle. Bound to guard it and enjoy a lavish life style they don't enjoy. He is also tasked with the personal defense of the princess. Who dearly wants to explore and fight as anyone else. (The princess can be changed basically)
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  2. I would love to do a roleplay with any of these pairings!

    Assassin x Assassin
    Monster x Monster Hunter
    Mage x Mage
  3. Would love to do a human x alien rp!
    As long you're ok with some funny fluffy stuff here and there.
  4. Still looking, you sexy freaks
  5. Hey pm me I like knight x peasant and I also have a couple ideas if you want to hear them :)
  6. I think would like do a Mass Effect RP (Cannon characters) with you Knight. We can dicuss ideas in an pm if you're interested.
  7. Did somebody say SKyrim?
  8. Weren't we trying to do the third plot at one point?
  9. Hmm several are really interesting idea's you have what is still open and may I pm you ?
  10. Dagnabbit, I shouldn't be joining more RPs atm but that Skyrim one is tempting xD

    And Christmas vacation is soon-ish so *even more tempted*

    What did you have in mind for the Skyrim plot btw :0? Are you planning to kind of follow the main quest but throw in side quests here and there?
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