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  1. I've done so many of these and they..well..didn't really go anywhere. I'm gonna list a few ideas i've been wanting to do, and if one strikes your fancy, let me know. :)

    Please note: I have no preference for genders. If you want a MxM couple, fine! MxF, fine too. FxF, also cool. Any number of others, all cool. Yeah.

    1. Photographer x Model. Once again, no preference for gender. Originally wanted MxM, but if you have a better idea, lay it on me. ^^

    2. Robot x human. Preferably a humanoid robot. And the player must be okay with time travel. :D

    3. Old west, outlaw x someone else type deal.

    I'm also open to fandom rps:
    Venture Bros
    BBC Sherlock
    LotR and The Hobbit
    Thief (that video game! I mean, I haven't beat it yet, but dang Garrett is a load of wow.)
    Borderlands (1 & 2)

    And for some reason I'm drawing a blank on what else I like.

    So yeah. I'm also open to other ideas, or fandoms that I may not have mentioned. I'll look it up if I'm not familiar. Please feel free to PM me with ideas, or suggestions!


    (( Also, as a side note. If I get a pm regarding one idea listed, I will come back to this post and cross out the ones used. ^^ ))
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  2. do you prefer to play as Male or female
  3. I prefer male, but I will play as either. :)
  4. I prefer to play as male lol and what is your writing type, I tend to write 2 paragraphs or more depending on my partner and I get bored easily if its less than a paragraph
  5. I like paragraphs. I start a new line when someone's talking, all that jazz. :) I don't think we'd have a problem with length.
  6. awesome so I was thinking about the avengers but my character could just be a regular guy but what character would you like to play as?
  7. Not sure at the moment, but if you'd like, we can take it to PMs and discuss it further! :D
  8. sure just message me
  9. Do you play canons?
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