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  1. So im new here, and looking for 1-3 roleplay partners :D I have some original rp ideas in mind, some fandom and some a mixture of the two. I'm looking for partners willing to play out these ideas, as well as toss me some of their own. Which I suppose is obvious as I'm posting this BUT better to state things first, ya?

    Anyway, here's my ideas/likes (and yes, i do enjoy libertine in roleplay)

    A world where humans ride owl/bat/dragon hybrids that use sound for various things (weapon, music, communication, ect). Vaguely Dragonriders of Pern inspired, I do have sketches of the animals to get an idea of imagery.

    Apocalyptic world where the characters enter and cannot find a way back to their universes. Instead must journey across dying lands to revive the ancient spirits in order to both save the lands and find their way back home. Possible plot twist discussed in private. Any species/type of humanoid allowed (although no furries, please).

    Also open to romance rps for the sake of romance, naughty for the sake of naughty, and any other possible plotnuggets you want to rp

    Fandoms(asterisk marks a huge urge to play)

    Dragonriders of Pern
    Dark Souls*
    Kate Daniels* (book series)
    October Daye* (book series)

    Theres a lot more but I cant remember off the top of my head. Feel free to shoot me your fandoms/original ideas, Im open to almost anything :D
  2. Hello! Welcome to Iwaku; it's great to have you here.

    Since you are new to the site, I wanted to check in with you real fast about Iwaku's age restrictions. Due to federal law, it is illegal for members over 18, those with a red star near their name, to roleplay sexual scenes with those 17 and under, those with a blue star. We have the libertine subforum for requests where you are specifically going to be seeking a roleplay where smut will be included.

    Since you say you are simply okay with having libertine elements of your partner is interested in including them, it is perfectly okay to leave this interest check here AS LONG AS you clarify you'll only write them with members over 18, since that's in the same age group as you. While that rule might seem obvious, redundant, or kinda silly, it is still important because this is a mixed age forum. :D It's only a couple extra words, and it closes the door on a variety of possible shenanigans and misunderstandings.

    If for any reason you'd rather me move this thread to the libertine subforum, just let me know. Thanks for your time, and happy partner hunting!
  3. So, I would be sincerely interested in the first plot idea you suggested. The one where you ride around on beings! PM me if interested or I'll look for a reply on here C:
  4. im up for a romance roleplay~! i have my own Plotnugget, so Pm me if you wanna hear ^^
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