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  1. Hi everyone I'm looking for a long term 1x1 partner who is willing to try anything

    What I'm looking for
    1: male or female partners will be mxf or fxf
    2: can post daily I understand we all have life's
    3: can post relatively lengthy posts with good spelling and grammar
    4:is willing to try anything


    1: one piece
    3:vampire knight
    5: fruits basket
    7: 7samuria

    1: werewolf x human
    2: werewolf x werewolf
    3: werewolf x Mage
    4: elf x human

    Video games
    1: dragon age
    2: last of us
    3: bio shock (any of them)
    4: assassins creed
    5: beyond 2 souls
    6: courpse party
    7: amnesia
    8: Red dead redemption


    1: pirate x pirate
    2: prince x princess
    3: ghost x human
    4: anything super hero or villan related
    5: steam punk
    6: jock x nerd
    7: jock x band
    8: cowboy x cowgirl
    9: Indian x prisoner
    10: Indian x Indian

    Any other ideas throw them my way best way to get ahold of me is pm me and I should be able to get back to you within the day

    Thank you all so much
  2. Hey! I'd be willing to do a RP with you, if you would like.
  3. Sweet which topic are you interested in ?
  4. Either werewolf x human or prince x princess
  5. okay do you have any plot ideas?
  6. Not really for the werewolf x human that one just sounded cool, but for the prince x princess i was thinking that the princess was to be betrothed to a man she didn't love, and didn't have very much significance socially since she was the youngest, and all of her siblings had married high. So she runs away and runs into the prince who is on a hunting trip with his brothers, cousins, and uncles. They realizes who she is and bring her back to her castle for ransom, or to help her out, and they grow a bond.
  7. what if we mix both of the ideas together
    like the princess is a human and the prince is a werewolf
  8. and what if we have it to where she is engaged to a man who she dosen't love and doesn't have a say about who she marries so one of her childhood friends who's a prince helps her escape but he turns out bad and holds her for ransom but he secretly plans on keeping her because he has always loved her but her feelings are mixed about his.
  9. I like it! Kinda like beauty and the beast, but makes more sense.
  10. i diden't even realize it was anything like beauty and the best till you said that that was my favorite disney move
  11. i will go ahead and make a quick occ
  12. It's one of my top 5 for sure! Alright sounds good, wanna do this over PM or make a new thread?
  13. still accepting
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Not open for further replies.