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Hello, I'm Finnika. I'm 19 years old, out of high school but only employed on Saturdays. I may be new to this site, but I've been RPing since I was 13, and writing for longer than that. I love fanatsy, action, drama, romance, slice of life, adventure and a little smut mixed into one, so I have specific type of roleplay I'd like to do.

Two Weeks Before The Story Begins:: Onyx smirked, crimson liquid dripping off her fingers as her cold, dark eyes bore into the 25 year old girl, Madge Wells. "Where is your brother," she demanded, pressing her hand into the wound on the girl's side. "Tell me or I'll kill your parents." Her other hand went to the gun holstered at her hip, pulling it out and aiming it with ease. In the corner, an older man and woman had been bound and gaged, both held in place by two large, muscular men. She cocked the gun, standing so she had a better aim.

"Go to hell," Madge muttered, glaring hard at the red head. Onyx shrugged and took two quick shots. The men dropped the bodies as Onyx smirked at Madge. The girl was crying, but still she refused to say. Onyx tilted her head towards the door, and the men left. Just as she was about to follow she knelt down, her long red hair half covering the crazed smirk and blood lusting gaze.

"I'll meet you there," she finally replied before shoving the gun in her last victims face, laughing as the sound of the shot echoed through the room. The blood sprayed on her, which only made her laugh more. She stood and left, not bothering to take care of the bodies.

Plot:: The Wells community is an organization that most of the nonhumans would consider the 'supernatural authorities'. For many generations they have made huge advances in science, medicine, and in keeping the supernatural races under control. This community also has a 'witness protection program' so that the vampires, demons, werewolves ect who need to have a safe place to hide, will have it.

Recently a hunting group, a group of (normally) humans who despise supernatural beings and have sworn to rid the earth of them, by the name of 'Munda' (Latin for Cleanse) has targetted the Wells Family, looking for their son. They believe he is responsible for launching an attack that caused one of their members to become a werewolf (who they promptly killed), so now they want revenge. After killing the two in charge, Mr and Mrs Wells, and killing Madge, the son gave his uncle control of the community until he finished high school at his boarding school, Evermore Academy. Little did he know the person who murdered his family is his new room mate. Will he find out the truth? Will they get along, or rub each other the wrong way? Will she try to kill him at school? And why is a vampire part of a human hunting group anyways?

◆ You will play the son. You decide everything about this character that isn't mentioned here. If you'd like for him to be a her, go ahead!
◆ I expect at least a full paragraph, 4 sentences.
◆ No 'txt tlk,' mistakes are fine but that is just ... annoying.
◆ Communication! Let me know if you won't be available.
◆ Reply daily. At least one post.
◆ Be creative. Even create your own race if you want.

◆ Have Fun!!
I Would like to rp on this. Anything specific I need to do? Specific introduction, about the son/daughter, or anything other?
(Btw this is officially my first roleplay, so, I am very sorry if I do anything wrong.)
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