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Long term rp partner NEEDED.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Awsmemuffin, Nov 8, 2014.

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  1. Right. So this is my first HOUR on here - just looking for someone who can do a m/m rp with me, long term. I've got two people who I rp with regularly and I'd like to have more than that really. I'm hoping to have like three or four, so, if you're up for m/m smutty rubbish, trash-based rps, contact me because I am the best in the business.

    No not really, I just get very bored, procrastinate a lot, and have some seriously weird plot ideas.

    Not fussy at the moment, just must be m/m, do not contact me if you only play one role in an m/m rp, and do not contact me if you only play females, that is not okay.
  2. Hm . . . this seems interesting. I play male characters and female characters, I'm willing to do either. I often do m/m rps on other sites. Most of my characters aren't dominant. So, I guess I'm up for anything. DO you have any other standards?
  3. I was kind of hoping to have someone willing to play either role without there being a problem, but if that's not going to be a problem, that's fine!
  4. Shouldn't be a problem. I can play dominant roles but I'm not very good at it. XD
  5. Okay awesome! You wanna make a public one or do this privately? :3
  6. I'd prefer privately. Is there any plot to this? I have an assortment of characters I'd have to choose from based off of setting . . .
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  7. I don't really have a plot in mind but I'm happy to think of one :3
  8. Well I'm pretty much up for any plot. Except having to be a doctor XD, I have tried that and failed miserably. I have this one idea, It's kind of a modern fantasy. It revolves around the dreams of a character and what gives the character those dreams, I invented a species for this one.
  9. Okay, wanna pm me to tell me more?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.