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    Hiya~ I'm Futaba ;3 And I'm looking for some long term partners!
    So here is some info and rules I will need to set before getting into plots, one X ones, and my kind of character.

    RULES (Please read~)
    *Do not be rude!
    *Do not leave or delete the role-play without telling me. I would like to be told if you do not like the role-play or not.
    *I have a life too! So don't be all sassy and tell me 'Where are you fool! Your talking forever!'.
    *Just poke me if you want to know where I am at or If I forget to message you back. (I'm quite forgetful)
    *Please, don't write one paragraph or less. I am VERY passive, so I need someone to lead me through the role-play, if you do I will be very slow to reply or sadly have to end it.
    *Don't throw the romance right into the role-play. YES I love romance but not right away, I need some plot to it!

    INFO (Please read~)
    *Okay, don't read my resume XD Some stuff has changed and I may or may not like it anymore.
    *I am very VERY passive, and my posts won't be long or interesting if you don't make yours long and interesting.
    *Now, my depression is over the top. It has been getting a bit worse and my mind tends to think bad things. So if I don't message for a few days it's that my depression is making me unmotivated or something has happened.
    *Don't rush me! (Some of) my posts and character sheets take time! So if you want them to be good, give me time!
    *I may get a bit annoying.. If you don't post for about a week I start to poke you... ALOT. So if it bothers you please tell me.
    *I love sad or gory things~ Or both! And I can't do a role-play without romance! Unless it's an adoption role-play or a brother/sister struggle role-play, I can't do it!
    *It is hard for me to do FxM at times.. If the role-play isn't interesting or your character isn't hard headed and 'mean' or a rude bad ass girl than I won't be able to do an FxM
    *But~ I am very flexible in FxF and MxM role-plays! My character tend to be very... 'tough' but little in those ones ^^

    Now time for the good stuff!
    My characters~
    Males: My males very to the type of role-play we do~ They can be hot tempered and stubborn or shy and clueless but they will always be small! And by small I mean in body, all of them varying to the height of 5'6 or shorter for all role-plays, FxM or MxM. They will almost come off as a total ass or cool guy at first but they just need a hug~ And maybe a slap across the face if they are super disrespectful /).(\

    Females: My females are normally the same, shy and hopeless. They all come in different shape, sizes, race, and etc. But the one I use offend is an average sized hot headed girl who just wants attention and some lovin'.

    YOUR character~
    Boys!: I don't give to shits what they are like for MxM! But for FxM, they need to be ^ Like before, Hard headed and
    'mean' but only at first! That's just my type of guy ;3 someone hard to get.

    Girls: I don't care for MxF or FxF, As long as my character is the 'feminine' one in the FxF but for MxF (I am pan sexual) so I don't care what your character will look like! Flaws are beautiful in my eyes! Because your not human without flaws!

    My tastes~
    *Slice of life
    If you don't like any of these then leave now! Because I love these o-o

    One x One's
    *Werewolf x Human/Trainer (MxM or FxM)
    *Mermaid x Pirate (MxF or FxF)
    *Princess/Prince x Knight (MxF or MxM)
    *Creation/ROBOT! x Creator (ALL)
    *Angel x Demon/Human (MxF or MxM)
    *Vampire x Werewolf (MxM) -Known of that twilight shit!-
    (If you have any one x one's in mind tell me!)

    The suicidal (MxF or MxM)
    YC a normal girl/boy that lives in a normal neighbor hood runs into MC, a suicidal boy who your mother, a therapist is 'babysitting' when his mom is gone. In the process of this YC and MC meet for the first time. She/He dislikes him at first since her/his family are wealthy and she/He thinks he is just a low class who is weak but he adores her/He. Will they fall in love or keep their distances until therapy is over?

    The height between us (MxF)
    (Maybe FxF.. we can talk about it)

    Kyle a 5'5 male with a temper hotter then hell and passion deeper then the deep seas of the pacific.
    Falls in love with his childhood best friend (Your name) a 5'8 sweet heart that has every boy at her feet.
    but since shes dating someone she can not, making kyle shut her out alot and ignore her since she started to date the other male. Will they get together?

    That is all the plots I have! If you would like to talk about one.. PM me and we can ;3
    Sexual stuff and cursing!
    Now.. Please tell me if you don't want either of these things.. But if you do that is great! Because I would like a few sexy times in the plot (If you a teen member!) And I curse like a mother fucker! more so as my male characters thought. But I DO NOT just do sexual stuff, please I want a plot and story line.

    Please talk to me.. Don't hide or be shy, Because I would love to be your friends <3 I don't have much ^^"" So it's nice to talk to people on here for fun...

    Any who! PM me or comment to this thread if you'd like to role-play any of these with me! Thanks guys~
  2. Still looking~
  3. taking Creation/ROBOT! x Creator, while the text said it's creation, does it have to be robot or we could have like the creator create something humanoid?
  4. By robot I mean something like~ for example hatsune miku? She looks human but she's a 'robot'? You know what I mean?
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  5. Does a clone get into the "creation" category?
  6. What do you mean by clone ^^
  7. uhmm like... cloning someone for example like if someone's death, let's say his/her name is A and you make an artificial "A" without memory or personality that same as A

    gosh I'm bad at explaining XS forget about it~
  8. No No ^^ I get what you mean, sure! That sounds interesting ;3 Not really in the creation category i was thinking but sounds fun! PM me and we can talk about it more!
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  9. Still looking
  10. Haha, I really like your rules and character! ((XD Am I sounds like a masochist?)) I like a complicated roleplay that could go for a long-term. I'm looking for some action+romance+smut MxM RP. And I like the hot one on that. *winks* Doesn't really matter to me how long you take to reply -as long as if you didn't answer for 3 days or more I'll start poking you a few times, a week then I'll give you slight serious warning if you disappear without giving me a warning first. I totally understand how busy life can be, after all I have school that give me homeworks every single day. And I love plot as well. I love building plot with the help from my partner, but I can be straight to the point at that so maybe I'll sound a little mean. (I apologize in advance). My length post usually trying to match my partner's, so if yours is short then mine's too.
    I'm interested in : *Creation/ROBOT! x Creator (ALL)
    *Angel x Demon/Human (MxF or MxM)
    *Or some plot we can discuss in PM.

    So.. please shot me a PM later? *winks*
  11. still looking for people
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