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  1. I'm a nightly role player, I am up in the afternoons as well. I've been seeking out a partner that I could roleplay with for some time and not just a short period of time. I am literate and great at coming up with ideas, I'm also open to your ideas so do not ever be afraid to share. I can do any kind of rp, I love to rp. This request is not as long as others I have seen I know, but it's been a long time since I had a chance to roleplay. Oh, I know let me share some of my ideas.

    An Assasin rp: I love to brawl in an rp so this is a fun one. One character is a target while another is the Assasin out to kill their target. What the Assasin doesn't know is the victim is also a skilled fighter and attuned to their senses, this rp can include anything from romance to the Assasin kidnapping the target or the pair becoming a team. I just think this would be a fun story.

    Elementals RP: This one has five groups of main Elementals, Wind, Earth, Water, Ice, and Fire. These Elements live on harmony until a Water prophet has a vision of an awful darkness covering their land in death and blood. The Elementals panic and try to poolall their powers together, that is a great mistake though, the cloud of darkness forms above the chiefs heads and lightning strikes the ground. Before them stands an Atronarch of storms emitting terrible black lightning everywhere, the creature has no soul and so becomes a force of destruction unlike any other, when people see purple eyes now, they flee in terror. Although the creature is terrifying and powerful Earth, Fire, and Wind form another pool, this summons a weaker Lightning Atronarch that resembles a woman her eyes are ice blue and her lightning blue as well. She somehow stops the raging purple destruction incarnate then disappears with him. Thus began the age of recovery where two types of lightning users are now born, in solitude and peace hidden away.

    Many hundreds of years pass and the world thrives once more. The Lightning people continue to hide and because of the hatred of one man in this element evil threatens to rise again. The man's wife becomes terrified for her child's life; because they are born with blue one blue eye and one violet eye and if there is even a slightest hint of blue the man kills the babies. Blue lightning Elementals are mainly men, very few are born women, women in this element represent the purest hatred in violet lightning.

    The wife of the angry male lightning elemental gathers pregnant women together to run away to live in peace, no matter what their child is born as they are raised with love, but do not make the purple Elementals angry.

    That's mainly what this idea is about, there are histories to the other elements as well, and you can choose who you side with, this can be talked about in becoming a group rp if you're interested or we can play more than one character, let's see what you can do~ anyway these are just two ideas and the 2nd is obviously more in depth than the first, but remember these are just two of my ideas. I would like a romance rp partner as well that's a large part of the reason I posted here I enjoy one one one role play even if it seems there should be many more characters.

    If you are interested, please let me know.
  2. In like your element idea :) I got just the character for that rp if you wanna expand it further I got an idea :) Please drop me a message
  3. If you're wanting or would like to role play with me. Then feel free to message me :)
  4. I'll rp with ya :3 im up most of the day and night so you can expect me to rp a lot i even have my own rp idea heh (only times i wont rp is during work other than work breaks) hit me up with a pm if your willing to rp with me
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