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  1. looking for a long term partner. I have lots of ideas whether they be based off animes, books, or video games or if we just want to make up our own story that's fine too. Pm me if interested.

    P.S. mostly a fan of fantasy romance

  2. Andy, What types of anime... Would you be interested in a RWBY OnexOne? Or just let me know what you really want to do. Ive seen an okay amount of animes. watch alot of movies and know ALOT of games.

    I also love Fantasy Rps and such.
  3. Send me a Pm. Would love to hear your ideas. I've watched anime myself and love them. I also love fantasy roleplays as well.
  4. really wanting to do a furry rp doesn't matter if its furry and a human or furry x furry just..kinda wanting do do a furry themed rp
  5. @Andy I dont know about Furry, since i have never done it, but Fantasy Romance is my Absolute favorite type of rp if you are interested in doing that! :)
  6. very much so pm me and we can discuss a plot :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.