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  1. Hi I've been a member of Iwaku for almost a year now and I want to say that I have enjoyed every moment of it. That being said I've made lots of friends here. Unfortunately a lot of those friends have either deleted their accounts or they haven't been seen in 3+ months. I'm looking for some long term roleplay partners. I ask that at the bare minimum a paragraph for post length. I don't have a maximum post length and I am open to all kinds of ideas. So please if your interested or looking for a partner pm me. Thank you and I hope to hear from you all soon :)
  2. Be mindful I do have ideas but I will not post them here. I prefer to come up with ideas once I find a partner. So if you have any feel free to share them if not we can come up with something together if I don't have an idea :). I also like to have a bit of romance involved with my rp's. However I only rp as males and they are always straight. So keep that in mind.
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  3. I'm interested, PM me?
  4. I'm down. ^.^ PM me
  5. I'm interested as well :3c
  6. I'll roleplay with ya! Please pm me :)
  7. Hm. I might be interested. I have a couple Rps I'm in, but they're slow going at the time being. And I'm wanting to start up another. I just have no ideas brewing right now, so if you're still looking for a partner and have any ideas or plots just send me a PM. XD
  8. Im game for a romance rp! PM me? :)
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